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Atletico Madrid v Liverpool: Ref Watch - Daniel Siebert


A look into the referees performance and the big decisions he made in last night's dramatic match between Atletico Madrid and Liverpool.

In this article, we take a look at all three big refereeing decisons that were a key factor to the result as Liverpool come away the victors. 

Antoine Griezmann Red Card

Atletico Madrid have no reason to complain about this. Although it wasn't intentional, he kicked Roberto Firmino in the face. 

It was a dangerous attempt to play the ball and could've ended much worse. If the shoe was on the other foot, I'm certain the home fans would've been screaming for a red card. They screamed at much more minor incidents.

Correct or incorrect decision: Correct


Liverpool Penalty 

Mario Hermoso didn't even know where the ball was. Very, very clumsy from the Atletico defender. 

Instead of ranting to the referee, Diego Simeone should be asking Hermoso what was he doing. He had no reason to make that challenge as the ball was just a hit and hope.

The referee didn't even need VAR for this one. Just common sense.

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Correct or incorrect decision: Correct 

Atletico Overturned Penalty

This one is tough. I can see why it was given in the first place basing it off football of today. What I mean by that is, football as gone soft. 

Jota was clumsy but I don't think personally it was enough to give a foul. Jota's shoulder barely touched and Giminez went down like a Klopp hug offered to Simeone.

The same people that are screaming "Liverpool are lucky", "Liverpool cheated" are the ones at the weekend screaming "how is that a foul? The game has gone soft." Well...

Correct or incorrect decision: Correct

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