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Combined XI: Manchester United vs Liverpool | Premier League

Who gets in a combined 11 for these two historic teams this season?

With both teams falling short of North West rivals Manchester City this season, we're going to take a look at who gets into a combined XI of both teams this season. 

Both teams play a very similar formation with United usually opting for a 4-2-3-1 and Liverpool with their very recognisable 4-3-3 which they have had so much success with. So for this combined XI we're going to go with a simple 4-3-3.

GK - Alisson Becker 

This season has been a bit of a strange one as both teams have two of the best keepers of our generation in the sticks, but both sets of fans will surely agree this season they have been very underwhelming.  


Alisson gets into our combined XI purely on the fact that Manchester United haven't had a solid number one this season. United have been swapping between Dean Henderson and David de Gea which has made neither very confident that their position is safe, leading to the pair making mistakes in goal. So because of that we're going with the Brazilian number one in net. 

LB - Luke Shaw

Now this decision was probably the hardest to make in the whole team. In any normal season this position is nailed on by Andrew Robertson but this is no ordinary season. Even though Robertson hasn't contributed his usual numbers we have come to expect of him, that isn't really any fault of his own. He has been one of Liverpool's best players this season and has been let down consistently by poor finishing from our attackers. 


Saying all that, Luke Shaw has had an amazing season. From practically being replaced by Alex Telles, Shaw has shown this season why United signed him from Southampton in 2014. Yes he may of waited a very long time to show that form but he has probably secured his place in Gareth Southgates Euro 2021 squad with this seasons performances.

CB - Ozan Kabak

Centre back, let's get into this mess of a position for both teams. We've went with Ozan Kabak for one of the two centre backs based on the fact that Victor Lindelöf has been absolutely dreadful this season even though he has played a full season. All the United centre backs really had to do was not be dreadful to be in this combined XI but they have failed to do that most of the season. 

Ozan Kabak Newcastle

We do have to give credit to Kabak, he came into a crumbling Liverpool side and has performed very well. In recent games he has started to look more settled, yes he does have a mistake in him but so far he seems to work on his mistakes once he has made them and doesn't make it again. We can all agree Ozan Kabak has a very bright future, if it's with Liverpool, well that's up to Jurgen Klopp.

CB - Harry Maguire

Both sets of fans will agree that the signing of Harry Maguire for £80million turned a lot of heads and not in a good way. The Englishman still hasn't justified his price tag and most likely never will. He's mainly in this combined XI because he's played a full season, he also hasn't been terrible but he hasn't exactly been great either. 


If Virgil Van Dijk, Joe Gomez or Joel Matip didn't pick up season ending injuries early on in the season there would be no debate for either of them being the centre backs in this team. Fabinho could be an option but Liverpool have benefited much more from the Brazilian playing his natural role this season. 

RB - Trent Alexander-Arnold

Even though Trent Alexander-Arnold has not been at his best this season, he easily gets into this combined XI. He hasn't hit his usual heights this season but compared to Aaron Wan Bissaka he is still miles ahead of him. 


At the start of the season Trent was very shaky and didn't look like his usual self but the last few weeks he has been one of our standout players again. Meanwhile Wan Bissaka hasn't been at his best either. He has been poor defensively this season, he has been getting caught out with long balls over him and not defending crosses into the box which has resulted in a fair few goals conceded for United in that area. 

CDM - Fabinho 

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Fabinho could've been in this team at either centre back or midfield, we've decided to put him at CDM because that's where he has been at his best this season. Even though he is amazing at centre back, his power, interceptions and presence in Liverpool's midfield is a big reason why Liverpool are still in with a shot of European football this season. 


The Brazilian had previously been linked with Manchester United before joining Liverpool but it was rumoured he turned them down. Luckily for us he joined Liverpool and since then he has become one of the best players in the world in his position.

CM - Paul Pogba

This was another very tough decision to make, not because there are so many good players in the position, the opposite actually. There have been 2 standout players in both sides in midfield this season and the rest of the players have been lackluster to say the least.


Paul Pogba has been the best of a bad bunch honestly. United have mainly been playing with Fred and Scott McTominay this season and they haven't really shown anything special. Pogba when he has played has looked good but Ole Gunnar Solskjær seems to play the Frenchman in a much more reserved midfield role which means he is less impactful than he has proven to be over his whole career. 

CAM - Bruno Fernandes

As much as opposition fans and Liverpool fans included like to hate on Bruno Fernandes, there's no doubting he is a world class player. Yes he does rely on penalties to score a large majority of his goals but that's not really his fault.


The Portuguese international has made a massive impact in this United team, taking them from a mediocre team to a very dangerous side to play against. Fernandes has 16 goals and 11 assists this season which is quite unbelievable for a midfielder. He has been known to not show up vs top six teams so hopefully he can keep that trend up on weekend.

LW - Marcus Rashford 

Marcus Rashford has been in the headlines for all of the right reasons this season. As much as we as Liverpool fans are raised to dislike United players, there is a lot of Liverpool fans who now have a massive amount of respect for Rashford for everything he has done for the NHS and struggling families during this pandemic.


Now onto the football aspect of his game, in recent years Rashford has stepped up massively and this season has been no exception. The Englishman has 10 goals and 8 assists this season which is a very good return. In the last few season Sadio Mane would be in this position but like most Liverpool players this season he has failed to live up to previous seasons. 

ST - Diogo Jota

This position was a very very hard one to decide, there is a lot of names but not a lot of great performers this season. We could've went with Edinson Cavani, Anthony Martial or Roberto Firmino. Diogo Jota gets the spot purely based off the fact Firmino has been poor again this capmagin. Martial and Cavani have been trading places this season and neither can seem to get a long run of games before being replaced.


This is no means discrediting Jota, he has been amazing and if he had not picked up an injury, there would be no doubt he deserves to be in this team without a question. The reason he is at striker is due to the fact he hasn't really got a position at Liverpool currently. He has scored a lot of goals as a striker but has also been playing LW and RW, so he's going upfront in this combined XI.

RW - Mohamed Salah 

Mohamed Salah, the star of this combined XI and the best player in the team too. He was nailed on to be in this team and he honestly doesn't have any competition. Mason Greenwood is a very good prospect but he currently is nowhere near Salahs level.


The Egyptian is the main reason Liverpool are still able to qualify for European competitions this season, without him we'd most likely be mid table. He has 20 goals this season and he is the first Liverpool player to get 20+ goals in three seasons in the Premier League at the club. He will surely go down as a  Liverpool legend and by the end of his time he will also most definitely be recognised as one of the best wingers in Premier League history, if not the best. 

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