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Everton v Liverpool: Five Things We Learned: Andy Robertson Is Back, The City Is Red, Mohamed Salah Is World's Best

After Liverpool's demolishing of Everton in the Merseyside derby, LFCTR take a look into what we learnt from the match. A brace from Mohamed Salah, a delicious finish by Jordan Henderson and a exquisite turn and finish from Diogo Jota make it 4 goals for Liverpool 3 matches in a row. 

The Best Left Back Is Back

Andy Robertson looks back to his best. Even though it was through injury, Robbo got the rest and time out of the team he needed. Liverpool fans didn't want him out of the team for good, just for him to come back better.

The last two performances from Scotland's captain has proved that the time off has worked. He is the best left back in the world and when he plays like this, no one comes close. He is slowly catching up Trent Alexander-Arnold on the assists too. When these two have that personal battle, it brings the best out of both of them.

Andy Robertson

Legend In The Making

Jordan Henderson will go down in Liverpool history and will be talked about as a legend for years to come. He is a catalyst to Liverpool's success and standard of performance.

For a car to work, it needs an engine, Jordan Henderson is that engine. Hendo drives this team forward and demands a level that the other players respond to. During the games without fans, we got to heard the captain in full voice and cold hear clearly how he runs the game through his voice alone.

We are lucky to have players such as Mohamed Salah and Virgil Van Dijk, but let's not forget, Jordan Henderson will also be a legend at Liverpool Football Club.

Get Out While You Can

Rafael Benitez, you are too good for Everton and they don't deserve you. Most of the fans didn't want Rafa from the beginning, because of his links with Liverpool. Knowing that, I knew it wouldn't take much for everyone to turn on him.

The club itself has such bad structure from the boardroom down, which you can see through their transfer strategy and constant manager changes. The former Liverpool manager is now managing a team full of other manager's players, that have different styles.

He was never going to get the time to build his own team at this club, as the fans didn't even give him a chance in the first place. Rafa should get out before he ruins what is an incredible CV, with more trophies on it than Everton themselves have in the last 50 years.

Merseyside Is And Always Will Be Red

Everton fans have moments where they  believe they can challenge Liverpool, I know, don't ask me. 

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From vandalising walls to players trying to injure fellow professionals, Everton will always aim to rock the boat, but will always fail. 

Liverpool, on the other hand don't need to do anything other than just play football. We do our talking on the pitch and results against the blue side of the city prove that.

Merseyside Is red and will always be red.

Liverpool Managers

Bow Down To Greatness

Take your hats off, stand up straight and bow your head. What you are witnessing with Mohamed Salah right now, is greatness. 

The Egytian King is on the best form of his life, which is incredible as he had never really been out of form. Record breaking, defence ruining and Premier League GOAT contesting. Mohamed Salah is becoming one of the greatest not only the league has seen, but world football also.

 Whether Liverpool succeed as a team this season or not, Salah's numbers will be ridiculous and will surely scoop up player of the year, without any competition whatsoever.

I said it when in his first season, after the Roma match, get that statue ready and now I don't just say it. I demand it.

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