Jurgen Klopp: "I feel responsible for this club"

The boss gave his thoughts on Liverpool's recent decision to join the European Super League.
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Liverpool suffered a late setback at Elland Road in their bid to secure Champions League football for next season. The 1-1 draw ends an impressive league winning run on the road, one which stretches back to 13th February.

Sadio Mane's first goal in nine games was cancelled out by Diego Llorente's neat header, just three minutes from time.

However, the result was somewhat paled into insignificance after the recent news about a European Super League. With Liverpool one of 12 teams involved in plans for the breakaway project, they came in for fierce scrutiny ahead of tonight's game.


After the game, Jurgen Klopp gave his thoughts on the controversial topic.

"The owners of this club are good people. They are reasonable people. They will try to explain the decision to me."

“If I’m a problem I go, if I’m not I stay. I feel responsible for this club.” 

"We are the team, we wear the shirts with pride. Somebody has made a decision with the owners in world football that we don't know exactly why." 

"The club is bigger than all of us. I don't forget that which is why I take criticism for everything I am responsible for but the team was not involved in this process and I was not involved."

Prior to the game, an anti-Super League shirt was also left in the Reds' changing room - a decision which clearly frustrated Klopp.

"They were put in our dressing room. I don't like the way that happened. This is a fantastic football club - they may not like what has come out but do not blame the team." 


There will be reasons, our owners, are not gamblers. We are here, we are the face of the club and arrived here and Leeds fans shouted at us as though we made the decision but we didn't."

The boss then touched upon MNF presenter Gary Neville's earlier comments about Liverpool's anthem "You'll Never Walk Alone".

"YNWA is our anthem, not Gary Neville's."

"He doesn't understand it. Maybe he should try the hot seat, rather than going where all the money is."