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'The Quality He Has Is Incredible' - Jurgen Klopp Shares Appreciation For Liverpool's Talisman Fabinho

Ahead of today's crucial match against Crystal Palace, Jurgen Klopp states how important Brazilian Fabinho is to Liverpool's system and having to put him in defence last year had such a huge impact.

Last season, Liverpool went through a drastic injury outbreak, especially in the defensive apartment. This forced Liverpool to move both Fabhino and Jordan Henderson back in to cover the centre-back roles.

Despite Fabinho fitting in fantastically to his new position, the gap that was left in midfield had the biggest impact on Liverpool's season. 

The impact it had on the team was instant, as Liverpool went from top of the league to fighting to get back into the top four within a month. The Reds went on a shocking run, which completely turned the season upside down.

Fabinho will likely miss the Burnley game after the tragic death of his father.

Following Sky Sports pundit and former Liverpool midfielder Jamie Redknapp's words on the loss to Virgil Van Dijk and Joel Matip, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp thought it would be right to remind everyone the loss of Fabinho from his usual position, even before an injury to the Brazilian.

“I think, I’m not sure, Jamie Redknapp or whatever said last night ‘Yeah, for Trent last year was really difficult because Virgil was not there’. And Joel, and Joe, just to say. I don’t know why we have to mention that all the time.

"How short can be the memory with all these things, especially not for us. So yes then we played Hendo and Fabinho at centre half so that’s of course not exactly like it should be.

"I thought they did really well and we played really good games with them there but obviously it costs you stability and you cannot win in the mid or long-term football games without stability – it’s not possible.

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"If you want to win it because you are the better team you need stability, and we had no stability, couldn’t have, that’s the situation. How good Fabinho is? The quality he has is absolutely incredible.

"You saw last night but he’s not a machine because the last two games now – not that he played all the other games that he played against Chelsea like on the same level – we are all human beings.

Jurgen Klopp states when Fabinho is at his best, the protection and organisation he brings is needed more than anything.

"If he is at his best, and is in the centre of that pitch, yes that’s then very, very helpful because then you can think about a lot of other things. You can organise your protection completely different because you can rely on different things.

"If you don’t have that, you organise your protection differently but it’s completely out of the box because usually we do it like this and now everything has to change because he’s not there, so all these kind of things, that needs time."

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