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Report: Major Security Issues As Hundreds Of Liverpool Fans Force Their Way Into Stade de France Ahead Of Champions League Final Against Real Madrid

According to reports, hundreds of ticketless Liverpool fans have forced their way into Stade de France ahead of the Champions League final against Real Madrid.

Liverpool and Real Madrid go head to head for club's most prestigious prize. Paris hosts the Champions League final for two of the biggest and most supported clubs in the world.

The travelling reds have taken over the French capital, as they hope to watch their team create more European history. In their thousands, the Liverpool supporters have already made their presence known.

Champions League Trophy

Videos and photos from France have been released throughout the day, revealing the amount of reds have taken the trip across the Channel. An incredible scene showing a sea of red filling up the city of love.

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However, a huge percentage of the fanbase over in Paris do not have a valid ticket to get into the stadium. Reports by RMC, hundreds of ticketless Liverpool fans have forced their way past police into the stadium. 

Will the Champions League final be delayed?

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