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Sign One Player From Brentford

This week's player to sign goes to Brentford's top striker Ivan Toney. I explain why I chose Toney and how he would fit into the Liverpool team.

From League 1 to the Championship, up to now in the Premier League. Ivan Toney has not stopped scoring goals. People doubted whether Toney could do it in the Premier League but he has been a key part to Brentford starting their first ever appearance in the top flight well. 

Five games in and Brentford find themselves in 9th place with Toney scoring twice within those five games. With how clinical this lad is, I'm sure there's plenty more goals in him this season.

Ivan Toney

It's not just his goals that impress me, he's an all round brilliant striker that offers so much more. His hold up play allows others to get forward into space, his ability to get in behind defenders makes them question how to defend against him and his movement off the ball creates so much space for his team mates but also puts him into ideal goal scoring positions. 

Strikers like Toney are the most difficult to defend against. Do you get tight to him? He will turn you and also hold you off. Do you give him space? He will run past you and finish off the attacking move. 

Ivan Toney

Liverpool do not have a striker like him. We have players that have played the striking position. Jota, Firmino, Origi. Toney is a proper striker. Liverpool, especially this season, create multiple chances. If we had someone like Toney at the end of those chances, games would be over a lot earlier. 

With the players he would have around him at the Reds, I could see Toney having a 20+ goal season in the Premier League alone. Another reason why he would suit Liverpool is his movement. Salah and Mane play thrive off space and Toney's movement alone would give those 2 the opportunity to run riot. 

The three as a whole would have the potential to push goalscoring records as a team. Toney is a player that would suit Klopp, he would suit this team. Would he suit you?