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The Stolen XI: Joao Cancelo - Manchester City

This week, The Stolen XI is based on title rivals Manchester City. Which of their players should Liverpool steal? Let’s find out!

Pep Guardiola’s City side have a team full of some of the world’s best players and are the current reigning champions of the Premier League, last season they also managed to reach the final of the Champions League which, they narrowly lost to Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea with a Kai Havertz goal in the 42nd minute.

Pep has spent an obscene amount of money since he joined Manchester City, most recently breaking the record amount paid for an English player (£100m). 

City are showing no signs of slowing down with their signings either as each year since Pep has been in charge they have spent at least over £100million in all but one of his seasons in charge of the club for a full year. Whilst barely making that amount of money back in players sales each year.

Pep Guardiola

Anyway, let's get to the three players I would like Liverpool to steal from Manchester City: Joao Cancelo, Kevin De Bruyne and Ferran Torres.

Since joining Manchester City Joao Cancelo has recently established himself in City’s starting 11 on a regular basis and often surviving Pep’s Roulette that he seems to do in the majority of his games. 

Cancelo joined from Inter Milan as second fiddle to Kyle Walker but has put in some strong performances for them as of late. I feel that Cancelo would fit Jurgen Klopp’s attacking system extremely well as he has chipped in with six goal contributions in his time playing with Manchester City in the premier league.

I feel that if Liverpool stole Cancelo from City that he would be able to provide not only the cover for Trent Alexander-Arnold but provide some much needed competition for Liverpool’s right back role and so that we don’t have to solely rely on Trent to play there. 

With Trent now being ruled out for our upcoming game against City, we will see how desperately we need a competent right back to help lighten the load off of Trent’s back.

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Kevin De Bruyne is the world's best attacking midfielder and he would more or less walk into any team in the world. He is Mr Consistent for City and has always been the focal point of their attack, when City don’t have him in the team they play much less fluidly than they do when he is in their team.

Kevin De Bruyne

At the time when City bought him £50million seemed like a lot to pay for him as he had only had one ‘great’ season and had only came onto the scene the year before they signed him but looking back at it they will think they got him for pennies. 

During his time at City he has played in 180 Premier League matches and had 119 goal contributions altogether which is an outstanding record for a player that doesn’t play on the last man.

Kevin De Bruyne

He would suit Liverpool’s system well as he would be able to push forward into the oppositions area as players such as Jordan Henderson and Fabinho would be able to cover him and support the defence. I feel that if Liverpool stole De Bruyne and played him in an advanced role then he would thrive.

Lastly, Ferran Torres is a bit of an ‘outsider’ that is often overlooked by the media although on his day he can be one of City’s best players and who wouldn’t want a Torres back at Liverpool? Joking aside, Torres has been one of City’s stand out players this Premier League campaign contributing to a quarter of their goals so far.

I feel that his pace and flair would add a lot to Liverpool’s team and I may sound like a broken record again but he would really help Liverpool’s issue with top quality squad depth in their attack and he would be a very versatile player as he can play as both a number nine and a winger.

Taking all of these facts and stats into mind, I feel that Joao Cancelo would be the best player for Liverpool to steal from City as he would really help with Liverpool’s significant lack of depth in a position that is essential to the way that we play.

Joao Cancelo