FC Barcelona remain committed to the Super League

Despite several clubs withdrawing from the European Super League, FC Barcelona remain committed to the breakaway league.
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The European Super League has all but failed, several clubs including Liverpool FC have withdrawn from the breakaway competition. 

Chelsea, who started the mass exodus of clubs leaving the European Super League, were quickly followed by Manchester City and then the rest of the Premier League big six clubs. 

As of now, all six Premier League clubs who were previously involved with the European Super League (Tottenham, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City) have all severed ties with the highly contested breakaway league. 


Liverpool FC released a statement making the denunciation of the league official. 

While most of the clubs have pulled out, bein sports reporter Achraf Ben Ayad has said that FC Barcelona remain very much committed to the Super League and are not planning on withdrawing from it. 

This leaves Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, FC Barcelona, Juventus, Inter Milan and AC Milan as the only clubs still involved with the European Super League. 

The Premier League clubs who have ended their relationship with the Super League faced widespread criticism. These clubs ultimately pulled out after a large offer from UEFA and threats from local government that would have made it nearly impossible to move forward in the European Super League.