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Diogo Jota Thinks Playing FIFA and Football Manager has Made Him a Better Football Player

As well all know, Diogo Jota is one hell of a FIFA player and he claims that playing the game made him a better football player.

If Diogo Jota wasn't a professional footballer player then he would most likely be a competitive FIFA player.

Last year, Jota become the number one player in the world on FIFA 21. An impressive feat for someone who has to train every day and also play top level football.

He beat Liverpool's Trent Alexander-Arnold in the final of the players ePremier League invitational for FIFA 20 when Jota still played for Wolves.

Some people may think that video games 'rot the brain' and aren't beneficial but Jota seems to think the opposite.

In a recent interview, he claims that playing these football videos games in his spare time has made him a better football player.

“I genuinely believe so [that it helps] in terms of understanding what the game is, what changes we can make. I think that’s important.”

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“When we see that something is not working and we manage to change it, in tactical terms, it ends up being important in terms of reading the game in real life.”

We are now entering the era where today's professional footballers group up on video games so we may start seeing a lot more pros coming out and saying how video games have helped them improve in real life!

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