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EXCLUSIVE: Interview w/ David Lynch - Evening Standard

Not too long ago we had the pleasure of talking to David Lynch - Journalist and Liverpool correspondent for the Evening Standard. David has a wide experience in media and journalism, he also worked for Liverpool before his transition to the Evening Standard. We asked David about his best moments while working at the club, his career, opinion on departures, the Thiago Alcantara links, the current Liverpool team, and much more.

[All quotes retrieved from the LFC Transfer Room Podcast]


1. Is there one player/s that you love interviewing?

“Wijnaldum and Van Dijk were in the mix zone always stopping, they are very helpful. Robertson is the same, he is also a fantastic talker, Van Dijk as well would always give you some sort of line, but they are all really really good people to deal with.”

2. What is your favorite moment during your time at Liverpool?


“In a post-season friendly when Liverpool flew out to Sydney, in the flight out there I sat in the front of the plane [with the Liverpool staff] in a flight to Australia, speaking to Jurgen Klopp over a beer in a piece that ended up on the website. That moment in particular stands out.”

3. What is your take on the Thiago Alcantara links?

“Obviously Liverpool are in a position where a player like Thiago that wants to make his next move and hasn’t tried out the Premier League it would make sense that he would want to join the Premier League champions under a manager that massively admires him. The problem is, is he the right fit? The FSG element - Is he the right profile or signing [that] is a massive factor. The idea that Jurgen Klopp could be tempted into making a move sort of seems out there to me, as things stand Liverpool are well stock in terms of midfielders… 

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.. His age, his injury record, the fact that Liverpool are well stock there, they would only really consider him if someone got sold. I don’t see where the minutes are for him if you don’t lose a midfielder. Surely there are others [players] who are a better fit, younger, less injury prone, Liverpool are very very good at signing players, it is almost too obvious to sign him just because he is a high profile name. That is just the way I see it, and from what I have been told by Liverpool that is exactly how they see it.”

4.Keita & Thiago

“Next year, if Naby Keita is fit he is going to absolutely fly. I think he is the best kept secret that Liverpool have. He is creative, he runs at people, he dribbles, he is good of the ball, his pressing is relentless. I would love to see someone of the calibre of Thiago to come in, but I don’t think that if we are going to spend money that is where is needed, when you got someone like Keita waiting on the wings.”

I think he [Keita] is the best kept secret that Liverpool have. He is creative, he runs at people, he dribbles, he is good of the ball, his pressing is relentless.

5.Who do you think has the biggest potential in the Academy?

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“Curtis Jones, Harvey Elliot, and Neco Williams are the obvious ones, they probably get enough press. I expect them to play a much bigger part next season. The hope is for Curtis Jones to be Adam Lallana’s replacement, they are massively excited about him. I know people prefer signings in that position, but I think that if you have a talent like that you have to use it.

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..Beyond that, the one that has really caught my eye is Layton Stewart, the forward, he just looks really bright, real nose for goal, just dead lively, works hard up front, I really like to look at him, obviously he’s still quite away from the first team so there’s a lot of development to do in terms of academy games and that.”

6.What about Ki-Jana Hoever?

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"He is in an interesting place at the moment, it looked like his opportunities were going to come at right-back rather than centre-back because you never want to kind of throw a young kid in there when they are growing because is such a hard position to play in. Neco Williams has jumped ahead of him, because he is more of a right full-back rather than centre-back, he is a good crosser of the ball, he can use that creativity side if you are going to replace Trent-Alexander Arnold if he is out injured or whatever, and I think that’s hurt Hoever's progress a little bit, but as he keeps getting older and hopefully he gets loan opportunities, I think centre-back is his natural position regardless, but is all about can he stay patient, can he keep developing, and I think he will get his opportunities eventually..”

7. Do you think Divock Origi may leave?

“I think if someone came in with a good offer and they offered him the opportunity to play more often he could be tempted. He has won everything at Liverpool and his chances of playing regularly are not going to get any better.. but is just a question of if that is going to happen in this COVID environment, are clubs looking to splash the cash for a player of Origi’s profile – is definitely not one I would rule out by any means.”

8.Is there any chance at Shaqiri staying at the club?

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“Everyone that I speak to at Liverpool is sort of the suggestion that he is definitely going to leave. They are obviously confident that they can get a decent fee for him, despite the fact that he’s sort of had an injury plague – I think he would’ve played a bigger role if he would’ve been fit. I don’t think there is any complaints for Shaqiri or anything like that. He has come in and he’s found probably the best front 3 in world football, and he’s struggled to make a major impact, that’s the trouble to come and play for Liverpool if you are a forward, your chances are always going to be limited. Klopp in particularly he’s not a manager for needless rotations, so he makes it hard to sell that position of being fourth choice to anyone really..

The only thing that is going to stop him leaving I suppose is that if a team doesn’t come up with an acceptable bid - Liverpool expectations of what they could get for him were fairly high in January before we realized how big of an impact corona was going to have, it is whether clubs can match that. That being said, Liverpool are seem confident that they could get it.”

9.What is your opinion on the owners and the criticism at FSG?

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“If you look at the bigger picture, I just look back at where Liverpool where when they [FSG] took over, and if someone had said to you 'okay in 10 years time Liverpool are going to be the champions of the world, Premier League champions, European Champions, won the Super Cup as well, have arguably the best manager in the world, and several players who got decent claims to be the best players in their position in the world, but… everyone is going to hate owners.' people would just laugh at you. It is so ludicrous to think that someone said to you in the Roy Hodgson era that everyone would hate the owners

.. yes everything is not perfect, the balancing in the books they can’t spend like Manchester City and maybe that is a bit frustrating for supporters, but the end product is: 'does your team win trophies and play really good football', and Liverpool absolutely smash it on that front.

The idea that the money is going anywhere else but into the team, they literally publish their accounts, you can see where everything is going, every little bit of money that it has been generated has been put into the wage bill, infrastructure projects.. It’s a shame that COVID sort of is going to mask a lot of the good work that it has been done because of its huge financial impact, when Liverpool were getting very very close to overtaking Manchester United in revenue which would’ve been hugely significant.”

10.Who do you think should be Jurgen Klopp's successor at Liverpool?

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“..I don’t think they’ll just give it to Pep Lijnders on the off chance that he might turn into that success, they will be utterly convinced that he can be if they make that appointment. The same goes to Gerrard, he’s got to prove that he is the right fit in terms of creating a winning team at Rangers, and playing the right style of football, again they wouldn’t just give it to him just for who he is. The likelihood is in my opinion is that is going to be someone outside of that, someone who sort of comes up and appears, a young-ish manager who’s got a similar profile in terms on how they play football to Klopp so they can keep that consistency going. Naglesmann makes sense… but is impossible to predict that, I think if Naglesmann [the chance] existed in 4 years time, and had that profile and style, they would probably go for him."

Naglesmann makes sense… but is impossible to predict that, I think if Naglesmann existed in 4 years time and had that profile and style they would probably go for him.