Former Liverpool playmaker Adam Lallana heaps praise on skipper Jordan Henderson for Super League fight

The Liverpool captain spearheaded the players' fightback against European Super League proposals, he received praise off his former teammate.
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Former Liverpool midfielder Adam Lallana has heaped praise on current captain Jordan Henderson for spearheading the players' movement against the European Super League.

As Lallana featured in Brighton and Hove Albion's goalless Stamford Bridge draw against Chelsea, speculation was rife surrounding the future of the European breakaway league. 

The Liverpool skipper and the former Southampton player were close during their time at Anfield and often speak highly of their friendship off the field.

It was announced, prior to the Premier League withdrawal, that the 30-year-old would hold talks with fellow captains within the top-flight to lead the response against the proposals. This was initially set for Wednesday morning, until late Tuesday night when the remaining clubs said no to the European Super League.

Henderson did also spearhead the response of the Liverpool players. The injured midfielder took to social media release a statement which read: "We don't like it and we don't want it to happen.

"This is our collective position. 

"Our commitment to this football club and its supporters is absolute and unconditional.

"You'll Never Walk Alone."

With the situation surrounding social media and the abuse that many people receive, the Reds skipper handed over control to anti-bullying nonprofit The Cybersmile Foundation, at the start of April.

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Speaking to Sky Sports after their draw with Chelsea, the 32-year-old lauded his former team mate, he said: "No not at all [a surprise] he's proved on countless occasions that he leads all the captains and the football club.

"I think that what has changed with all of this is that football together is stronger than anything or anyone and it's great to see all the football clubs come together as one and hopefully we put this all to bed."

Henderson remains sidelined following the groin injury which required surgery in the Merseyside Derby defeat to Everton, but he continues to make a huge difference off the field.