Gini Wijnaldum officially left Liverpool on July the 1st 2021 after spending five years at the club.

The Dutchman will now be playing for French side PSG and is on a reported £300k a week.

Wijnaldum was close to agreeing a deal with Barcelona but on the last hour PSG joined the race and offered him an absurd amount of money to join them.

Georginio Wijnaldum Jurgen Klopp

During the EUROs, Wijnaldum said that he was going to reveal why he left Liverpool and a lot of fans thought he was going to out FSG for not meeting his contract demands.

However, in a recent interview with TimesSport, Gini seems to blame the fans for one of the reasons why he left...

In the interview, Gini says that the abuse got so bad on social media that 'he wanted to leave'. 

“When it went bad, I was the player who they blamed – that I wanted to leave.

“On social media, if we lost, I was the one who got the blame. There was a moment when I was like: ‘Wow. If they only knew what I was doing to stay fit and play every game.’ Other players might have said: ‘OK, I am not fit.’

“You get players in their last year who are like: ‘I’m not playing because it is a risk.’ I did the opposite.” Said Gini

Georginio Wijnaldum Crystal Palace

Yes, Gini did get a lot of abuse during his last season but his performances were a shadow of his former self.

Abuse is never the answer and the so called 'Liverpool' fans who abused the former player should be ashamed of themselves but that is a small minority of the fans and to blame that instead of the owners or upper management is a bad excuse.

Gini deserved criticism at some points of his Liverpool career and if Liverpool paid his the £200k a week he wanted then everyone would've been asking for pay rises because his would of been underserved.

Gini did go on to praise the Liverpool fans who were in attendance at Anfield though.

“My feeling was that the fans in the stadium and the fans on social media were two different kinds. The fans in the stadium always supported me. Even when they came back.

“Already knowing that I was going to leave, they still supported me and, in the end, they gave me a great farewell.”

Wijnaldum also goes on to address the stories about him wanting to leave for money in the interview as well.

Georginio Wijnaldum Burnley

“There was a story that Liverpool made an offer, I didn’t accept because I wanted more money and the fans made it like: ‘OK, he didn’t get the offer, so he doesn’t try his best to win games.'

“Then the results were not really good and everything looked like it was against me. Some moments, it was like: ‘Wow, me again?’ It’s a collective.

“But my teammates never gave me the feeling that I let them down or I was taking the piss or something like that. With the team everything was fine.”

So one of the reasons why Gini left was because of the fans apparently. That seems extremely unlikely but that is his own words.

Ever player has to deal with this type of abuse from fans but they don't use it as an excuse. Something does need to be done about it and hopefully in the future we can see these so called 'fans' be held accountable but it just seems unlikely that's the reason why he left.

He did go on to say that he didn't feel valued by the higher ups at Liverpool but he spent a lot more time on the fan aspect to leaving that the actual contract reasons.

Georginio Wijnaldum of Liverpool during the UEFA Champions League, Quarter final, 1st leg football match between Real Madrid and Liverpool FC on April 6, 2021 at Alfredo Di Stefano stadium in Valdebebas, Madrid, Spain - Photo Oscar J Barroso / Spain DPPI / DPPI / LiveMedia/Sipa USA

Whatever the real reason is to why he left we will probably never know as it went on for months and involved a lot of people and a lot of money.

At the end of the day, Gini will be remembered for his good moments and Liverpool fans should focus on Liverpool and Gini should focus on PSG.