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Bruce Grobbelaar, Zambezi lager and a witch doctor: was there a curse on Liverpool?

The former Red revealed that during a commercial shoot, a curse was put on the club.
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Okay, so who thought they'd read a headline about a witch doctor and Liverpool, crazy right? but hear this out.

Back in 1992, during Bruce Grobbelaar's testimonial game, the goalkeeper had taken a sponsorship with Zambezi lager. 

The company sent out a witch doctor to Anfield to present a bottle of the lager to Grobbelaar, however, they may have left more than just the beverage. 

It was said that the man had placed a curse on the club, meaning they wouldn't win a title without the Zimbabwian stopper in goal. 

"He went around on the posts and put his goat's tail, put his water on the posts of both sides, got the microphone and said, 'If you don't have the jungle man Bruce Grobbelaar here, you won't win the title'," said Grobbelaar in an interview with BT Sport.

For years, Grobbelaar sat at home and watched the club fail to win a title for a whopping 28 years. 

He thought it was his fault, he brought the witch doctor in, and yet he was hopeless to do anything about the curse. 

Grobbelaar decided that the only way to life the curse would be to urinate on both sets of goal posts. 

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He attempted this first in the 2013/14 season but Grobbelaar would only get as far as the Kop end, being thrown out before the stopper could make the Anfield road end. 

Bruce Grabbelaar

That season would prove to be one of heart break for the Reds, losing out on the title by just two points after the infamous Steven Gerrard slip against Chelsea. 

The opportunity would show its head again for Grobbelaar though, in a corporate game back in 2019.

"I fulfilled my task. Last season I played in a corporate game here, we were in the dressing room and the guy said 'you have to do the business today'," he told BT Sport.

"I said, 'okay'. I took a water bottle, poured the water out, peed in the bottle, came back."

"First-half at the Kop end, I splashed it all over the posts. Second-half, I came down to the Anfield Road end and splashed it all over the posts."

The campaign following, Liverpool would go on bring the title home to Anfield, the first title the club had once since Grobbelaar left the club.

There are still debates whether the "curse" was real, but either way, Liverpool won the title after Grobbelaar laid his urine on the posts.

That can't be a coincidence, right?