Tributes Paid By Harvey Elliott To Victims Of Hillsborough

Harvey Elliott provides a bright spot after a touching tribute to the victims of the Hillsborough disaster.
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Despite a tumultuous week for football fans around the world, important events have not been forgotten. One such significant event is the anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster. April the 15th marked the 32nd anniversary of the FA Cup game between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest where 96 fans tragically lost their lives.

As always tributes poured in from current and former members of Liverpool Football Club including a minutes silence before their Champions League home tie against Real Madrid last Wednesday. Harvey Elliott who is currently out on loan with Blackburn Rovers paid a touching tribute to the victims of Hillsborough.

In an article from the Lancashire Telegraph, Elliott had placed a memorial wreath in front of the Leppings Lane End at the Hillsborough ground before Blackburn’s game against Sheffield Wednesday. The wreath read “96, YNWA.” 

The tribute was organised by Harvey Elliott himself following communication between the two clubs. The teenager had carried the wreath around the corner of the ground before placing it behind the goal where the tragedy had unfolded on that day in 1989.

This tribute comes just days after a separate tribute from Elliott, when he scored the winner against Derby County the day after the anniversary of Hillsborough. After he scored Elliott had lifted his jersey to show a t-shirt underneath which also read “96 YNWA.”

Harvey Elliott Liverpool Blackburn

Harvey Elliott has set the Championship on fire since moving there on Loan. 

The 18 year-old’s touching tribute was praised by former Blackburn Rovers manager and Liverpool legend Kenny Dalglish on Twitter, in a post where he said “Thank you, I’m sure this will be warmly appreciated by so many - myself included. Good luck tonight!” Dalglish was manager of Liverpool at the time of the tragedy.

Harvey Elliott, who is the youngest Liverpool player to ever start a game at Anfield, showed his love for the club goes beyond that of being a player. His efforts made to pay tribute to such a significant event in Liverpool’s history has been applauded by fans around the country. A video posted by Blackburn Rovers on their official Twitter page showing his tribute has also been viewed over 500,000 times.