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Liverpool In-Depth Injury Updates: Mohamed Salah, Virgil Van Dijk And Andy Robertson

Liverpool became FA Cup champions yesterday after beating Chelsea on penalties, but it came at a cost. Virgil Van Dijk, Mohamed Salah, and Andy Robertson were forced to come off with injuries. 

Mohamed Salah went down in the first half, insisting he has to be brought off. It has been revealed the Egyptian King suffered an injury to his right groin. Liverpool stated that his and Van Dijk’s substitutions were just precautionary, however only when they are evaluated will we know the real answer. 

Mohamed Salah

If Mohamed Salah has been managing abductor tendinopathy, then an earlier return is expected. Both players may have already been ultra sounded by the team doctor, as they always have it to hand. 

The worst-case scenario in this instant would be a strain, however, due to having a good on-pitch examination and Jurgen Klopp not mentioning an ongoing injury, this is positively unlikely. 

Despite Mohamed Salah walking off the pitch fine, adrenaline rushing through the body can mask the pain that has been caused. The same can be said with Virgil Van Dijk’s injury. 

Van Dijk is believed to have reported suffering an injury to his right calf. Again like his teammate Salah, it may be just minor and a scan would have already taken place at the stadium. 

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Virgil van Dijk

Andy Robertson was the third player to be brought off by Klopp due to injury. Luckily for The Reds, he was just suffering from cramp and should be available for Tuesday’s match against Southampton. 

In summary, the injuries to Mohamed Salah and Virgil Van Dijk do seem to be not as bad as first thought and there is a very good chance that both will be available possibly for next week’s Premier League match. 

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