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'It's Alive' - Barcelona's Joan Laporta Provides Concerning European Super League Update

According to Barcelona president Joan Laporta, the European Super League is still very much 'alive' as he claims he is working on a 'more attractive competition' with Juventus and Real Madrid. All nine other clubs including Liverpool withdrew in April.

The announcement of the Super League by the twelve clubs was met with fury by fans, managers and pundits when it was announced earlier this year.

Super League


The backlash was so huge that all English clubs quickly withdrew with swift apologies being issued to supporters, players and managers.

FSG's John Henry was shown on video issuing an apology to everyone associated with Liverpool for his involvement in the matter.

After the English clubs withdrew, news on the Super League went quiet but Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus have continued to battle it out in the courts.

Laporta who spoke to publication SPORT is refusing to give up on the idea and appears to be spurred on by the fact that the three remaining clubs have been successful in their court appeals.

“It's not parked, the opposite, it's alive and dialogue is open with all sorts of people in football who are working on it. Juve, Real Madrid and Barcelona are all there and we keep winning in the courts. 

"We're still working on making a more attractive competition."

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Open Dialogue Needed With UEFA

The president of the Catalan club was not ruling anything out including cooperation with UEFA. It's clear however that the complaints about the proposed competition being a closed one have been taken on board as explained by Laporta.

"That's why we're there, to achieve that, and it could be favourable economically for the clubs that take part that it's an open competition, with promotion and relegation. 

"Also, it should be noted we're not closing the door on UEFA, as much as they have acted aggressively from the start."

"They saw the Champions League threatened and the Super League would be a proposal to replace the Champions League, but not with a belligerent attitude but rather a dialogue with UEFA."

LFCTR Verdict

When news of the Super League broke back in April, football fans across Europe united against the proposals.

It appears that the proposals are still on the table in some guise as it stands but only being pushed by the three clubs who are still active - all of whom are currently experiencing financial difficulties.

There are no signs of further Liverpool involvement at this stage and let's hope it continues that way.

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