Jurgen Klopp says he "did not know about" the Super League decision

The Liverpool manager has come out and said that he was unaware of Liverpool's decision to form and join the Super League.
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Hard to believe, but Liverpool are playing in a Premier League match against Leeds United as you are reading this. With the way the news cycle has gone, the match has hardly gotten any coverage--and rightly so. All eyes have been on the 12 clubs that have banded together to form a league that they have titled the Super League. 

When the twelve clubs released the joint statement, many were surprised, angered and upset with the direction that modern football is headed. Like most people, Jurgen Klopp had no idea that it was happening as the club did not consult him on the decision. 

When speaking to Sky Sports before the Premier League match against Leeds United, Jurgen Klopp shared that he had no idea this was happening. 

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"We have had some information, but not a lot. It's a tough one."

"People are not happy and I can understand that, but I can't say too much more."

Like many expected, Jurgen Klopp remained relatively tight lipped over the situation as his employers were one of the main clubs behind the formation of the Super League. However, one thing was clear--he did not know about it. 

When he was asked if he knew, Jurgen Klopp responded, "We didn't know about it."

Liverpool FC are just one of 12 clubs to make a 23-year commitment to the Super League and the supporters have collectively come out against the decision.