Jurgen Klopp discusses the Super League

Jurgen Klopp has previously discussed the Super League and has shared his thoughts.
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The news that shocked the world was the formation and announcement of the Super League. 12 clubs dubbed 'Founding Clubs' made a joint statement where they outlined the plans, financial incentives and revealed how the competition will work. 

While Liverpool are one of the 12 Founding Clubs in the Super League, current club manager Jurgen Klopp has previously spoken out about the prospect of a European Super League.

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When asked about a potential Super League Jurgen Klopp responded, "I hope this Super League will never happen.” 

In addition to this, the German manager discussed this once again last year. 

“Why should we create a system where Liverpool faces Real Madrid for 10 straight years? Who wants to see that every year?”

However, the club have gone through with their plans in helping to form and found a new mid-week European competition. 

In a joint statement made by the 12 Founding Clubs of the Super League, Vice-Chairman of the Super League and Co-Chairman of Manchester United shared his thoughts. 

“By bringing together the world’s greatest clubs and players to play each other throughout the season, the Super League will open a new chapter for European football, ensuring world-class competition and facilities, and increased financial support for the wider football pyramid.”

The economic windfall for clubs hoping to join the Super League will be absolutely massive. Each club competiting in the competition will receive payments of nearly €10 billion with an additional €3.5 billion upfront to support any and all infrastructure investment plans that the clubs may have.