Jurgen Klopp dislikes new UEFA Champions League format

Liverpool's manager shares his honest thoughts on the new UEFA Champions League format which is set to start for the 2024/25 season.
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Following the collapse of the proposed Super League, Jurgen Klopp speaks out on UEFA's announcement to change their Champions League structure. 

"The super league is off the table, good, very good. But the new champions league is now not 'oh great, wow let’s do that,'" Klopp said sarcastically. 

Liverpool fans display their anger at the clubs involvement of the European Super League, they displayed banners outside the world famous Anfield Stadium.

Liverpool supporters rallied to oppose the European Super League. 

He added, "they showed it to me the whole idea, and I said I don’t like it as there’s 10 games instead of six and I’ve no idea where we will put them in. 

"Maybe UEFA will ask for a cup competition to  get cancelled or have 18 teams in the league." 

The new format announced by UEFA chief Alexander Ceferin means teams will have to play an additional four matches; a decision which Klopp is very against. 

"Nobody asks us, it's just always play more games and it’s not possible. Not with the structure, you cannot have 20 teams in the league, two cup competitions, playing 10 international games before Christmas. 

"We are already on the edge."

The 53 year-old continued his powerful speech by talking about how to improve the quality of football, club's need more time to train, rather than more money at their disposal. 

Jurgen Klopp

Jurgen Klopp did not hold back when discussing the new Champions League format.

"We need to make sure the quality of football gets better, not through buying but through training. The best players would not get as good as they are without training, it’s just not possible. 

"But we cut off training time constantly and I spoke about it, but no one really listens. 

"Its always that I’m moaning, but now one thing happened where everyone was on the same page and it’s the worst thing, but all the other things still happen."