Kenny Dalglish And Jurgen Klopp Pay Tribute To Jordan Henderson On His 10 Year Anniversary

Jordan Henderson's former manager and current manager have both paid tribute to the Liverpool captain, they spoke about his time at Liverpool and how much of an impact the 30-year-old has had on the club.
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Liverpool's captain, Jordan Henderson, joined the club on June the 9th 2011 while the team was managed by Liverpool legend Kenny Dalglish.

King Kenny signed Henderson from Sunderland for £16.2million and Jordan has gone on to become one of Liverpool's greatest ever captains, winning numerous titles with the club.

In a recent interview during LFCTV’s Henderson: The Making of a Champion documentary, which premieres at 7pm BST tonight, Dalglish reminisces on Henderson's time at the club. The King had this to say.

"Well, he’s only serving an apprenticeship isn’t he? He’s got a few years to go yet!” Dalglish laughs, as he’s asked to sum up Henderson’s achievements from his ten years with the club.

“But what he’s done through that time as a footballer he can be totally proud of. I mean, the world club championship, Liverpool had never won it before. The Champions League, he won it. Not won the league for 30 years, he’s the captain that leads them forward to that.

Jordan Henderson Premier League

Jordan Henderson lifting the Premier League

“And he did lead them, he does lead them on the pitch and he takes his captaincy very seriously and he’s very good at it.

“So, I just hope he continues on for another few years. He’s not finished yet, there will be a few more trophies for him to come. But Jordan, thanks for signing for Liverpool.”

Kenny was the man who handed the Premier League title to Henderson, a moment that will live on forever in Liverpool fans minds. Dalglish had this to say on the historic season.

“It’s not about me, it’s about Jürgen and the lads and they were unbelievable that season,

“On the night they got the league trophy, but they already had the European Cup and the club world championship as well. So that must have been a terrible few months for the players, to win all that!

“But for Jordan to pick it up and for me to be fortunate enough to be there to present it, yeah I felt proud but I’d have felt proud anyway."

"It wouldn’t have mattered. I had no role to play other than to just hand it over and I thought I did that quite well! I was hugely proud."

“For Jordan to be there, picking up the league championship, it must have made him hugely proud and I was proud for Jordan. It was an honour for me to be up there to present the medals and the trophy.”

Salah and Henderson Liverpool Celebration

Jordan Henderson and Mohamed Salah celebrating the opening goal in the Champions League Final

Liverpool's current manager Jurgen Klopp had his say on his captain's 10 year Liverpool career. In an interview for LFCTV’s Henderson: The Making of a Champion documentary, Klopp has this to say about Jordan Henderson.

“It’s a great thing,” Klopp says.

“It’s a great achievement and there’s no doubt that he is, and will be forever, a Liverpool legend. I am really proud of him.”

Jurgen Klopp Jordan Henderson

Jurgen Klopp and Jordan Henderson hugging

Henderson has spent over half his career under the guidance of Jurgen Klopp and he has been his captain since Klopp took over at Liverpool. 

Klopp also goes on to say how special it was to see Henderson lift the Champions League after they suffered three defeats in finals together.

“Our story is very much Hendo’s story and you could see how happy everybody was for him when we won it and everybody wanted him to get the trophy and all these kind of things.

“That’s a massive sign from a team, you don’t have that a lot. So probably people always respect their captain, most of the time I would say, but respect and love - not a lot of them get.”

You can see how much Henderson means to the people who have watched him grow while at Liverpool and that also includes the fans of Liverpool FC. 

It's been a pleasure watching Henderson grow and become a Liverpool legend. Hopefully when he leaves he will have created an even bigger legacy than he currently has.