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Liverpool And FSG Know That They Have To Pay For Mohamed Salah To Stay


Liverpool are aware that they will have to pay Mohamed Salah £400k a week if they want to keep him at the club but the deal has stalled. 

According to reports, the deal has currently hit a a little speed bump. Luckily the speed bump is not Mohamed Salah himself. 

Mohamed Salah

Salah's representative Ramy Abbas is wanting more than £400k a week for the Liverpool winger. 

With Liverpool's stubborn wage structure this has become a problem within the new contract talks. 

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Mohamed Salah came out yesterday himself to say that he wants to stay at Liverpool for the rest of his career but it's 'not in his hands.'

Will Liverpool budge for their most important players or will Salah move elsewhere? 

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Author Verdict

This is what I dislike about football at the moment. People around the footballers themselves are full of greed and just hold their hands out for more and more.

Although I'm not a fan of FSG and their deep pockets, a certain wage structure does seem fair. I think we should pay Mo Salah £350k, maybe even £400k becusse he's earnt it. 

However, his representative asking for more is just disgusting. Salah wants to stay, why can't it just be here's this amount and the player himself just says okay, good enough for me. 

Not these days.. Salah is probably at homes just being spoken to over the phone by others. Others that are just listing their own pockets up. 

I'm hoping this contract can be sorted out as soon as possible.  Mohamed Salah is too good to let go but these representatives need calling out.

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