Liverpool Supporters Union, Spirit of Shankly, calls for widespread change amidst European Super League failure

The Liverpool Supporters Union, Spirit of Shankly, have called for change within the beautiful game in the aftermath of the failed proposals to create the European Super League.
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A turbulent 48 hours came to a halt on Tuesday night after all six Premier League clubs announced their withdrawal from the European Super League.

The first announcement which was published on Sunday from the official Liverpool account featured no official word from the club's hierarchy but included a statement from rivals Manchester United owner Joel Glazer.

This was greeted with disdain from fanbases across the clubs in England who were involved in the breakaway and those whose club remained in the Premier League system.

Spirit of Shankly, the Liverpool Supporters Union, and Spion Kop, Liverpool Supporter Club, spoke out against the proposals for the European league in their different ways. SOS were formed on the back of the Reds previous owners, Tom Hicks and George Gillett, who brought the club to the brink of bankruptcy. 

They joined forces with fellow supporter unions; Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur, as a unified opposition to the plans.

Spion Kop, the brains behind the traditional banners and flags that light up the Kop on a matchday and in recent times created banners that covered the Kop during pandemic football, they announced prior to the trip to Elland Road on Monday, that they will remove flags from the famous Anfield grandstand in protest to the Liverpool owners involvement in the European Super League discussions. 


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Chaos and protests ensued before ultimately on Tuesday evening, the dominos began to fall. Chelsea were the first club to table exit talk before Manchester City got the ball rolling by announcing their withdrawal.

Liverpool followed an hour before midnight, however prior to this SOS released a statement calling for Fenway Sports Group to relinquish their control over the Premier League champions, it read: "Spirit of Shankly note with anger that club owners FSG are still hanging on to this shattered nightmare of a European ‘Super’ League.

"We are calling on the FSG board to withdraw our club from this catastrophic idea and consider their positions with immediate effect.

"To coin a previous campaign of ours ‘Not Welcome Here’."

Liverpool fans display their anger at the clubs involvement of the European Super League, they displayed banners outside the world famous Anfield Stadium.

This morning, Liverpool Football Club released a video in which owner, John W Henry, addressed the manager, player, supporters and apologised for the club's involvement in the proposed breakaway Super League. 

However, today (Wednesday April 21) Spirit of Shankly have released a new statement calling for change, in their statement, they called for "fundamental change", they said: "It has been a tumultuous, sickening few days for us all. 

"Spirit of Shankly have always asked for honesty, integrity and transparency from club owners FSG, but the arrogance and deception they have shown behind this money-grab is frightening. But not surprising.

We have noted John Henry’s apology, but this PR exercise is too little too late. These crocodile tears will not wash. Actions speak louder than ‘hollow’ words.
Liverpool Football Club is not an American franchise, it is a community steeped in history and tradition.

The ‘future of football’ came crashing down in 48 hours because of the solidarity and outcry of ‘legacy’ fans across the country. 

"This debacle must be a catalyst for real change, not an exercise in damage limitation.

"Our owners have thrown everyone under the bus, supporters, manager, players and staff, and humiliated themselves through sheer greed and arrogance.
The hypocrisy of the Premier League and broadcasters has also been noted. They have never considered the fans in their own gold rush and have treated us with thinly disguised contempt over the years.

"We need a fundamental change in football governance, one that is fair for the whole football pyramid, not just the rapacious elite. We need a model that promises equitable distribution of the vast amounts of money involved in the beautiful game, our game.

"During this confusion, UEFA have gladly portrayed themselves as the progressive force. Nothing could be further from the truth and their new Champions League format is a disgrace. One that must be resisted immediately.

"We will be consulting with our members to gauge their opinion on our next steps."