Liverpool could be banned from making foreign transfers

After the England government stepped in, Liverpool could be banned from making foreign transfers as a result of the Super League.
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The secret is out--Liverpool have joined and helped form a new European competition called the Super League. The competition will feature all of England's 'big six' clubs which include Chelsea FC, Arsenal FC, Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham FC and Liverpool FC. 

While the Super League claimed that there is money to be made for the clubs involved, it looks like there may be some major repercussions as a result of joining the newly founded competition. The statement released by Liverpool and the 11 other 'Founding Clubs' of the Super League claims that the clubs involved will see payments in excess of €10 billion. 

Fabinho Thiago Salah

On top of that, the Super League will receive a payment of €3.5 billion to help clubs with their infrastructure and investment plans as well as legal fees that come along with the new league. 

However, the money may not be worth it after the England government stepped in and made a proposal that could bring things to a screeching halt. Reports have claimed that the 'big six' clubs (Arsenal, Tottenham, Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool) could all have their transfers put into jeopardy. 

The England clubs who join the newly formed Super League could essentially be banned from making any foreign transfers after the government has threatened to crack down on work visas. This new stance would make it nearly impossible for football clubs involved with the Super League to gain work visas for foreign players they sign in the transfer market. 

Will this be enough to make the clubs involved reconsider their stance?