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Manchester United Fearful Of Another 'Glazers Out' Protest By Fans For Sunday's Premier League Match Against Liverpool


Manchester United are wary of another 'Glazer Out' protest before Sunday's game against Liverpool At Old Trafford.  

Last time Liverpool faced Manchester United at Old Trafford, the headlines were stolen by the United fans before the match.

Joel and Avram Glazer

United fans burst through Old Trafford security to storm the pitch in protest against their Amercian owners. 

Pressure has been mounting in Manchester for both the manager and the board. With the team struggling on the pitch, the anger towards the owners has re-emerged to surface. 

The protests that were made in the last meeting between these two teams was a response from the form of the Europeam Super League.

Fans across the Premier League responded by coming together and forcing it to be stopped. 

Since then the public frustration has died down from the supporters. Although privately it still remains. 

Will United fans storming through Old Trafford again or will it be halted this time? 

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Author Verdict 

Manchester United fans will do all they can not to play Liverpool. Yes they should protest against Glazers but keep this energy after the Liverpool match.

Storming Old Trafford to protest against them to just then run to the club shop to buy your new Ronaldo shirt and put money in their pockets just reeks of hypocrisy. 

They were right to fight against the European Super League last season, I wished Liverpool fans did the same. 

When it came to the Summer though. They bought Ronaldo, Sancho and Varane and all was fairytales and happy endings. 

United fans spent hours to queue up for their precious Ronaldo shirts. Glazers were rubbing hands.

Whislt the fans were living in a fairytale. The evil villains were the ones who had the last laugh. 

Protest Sunday but then do it again the Sunday after and the Sunday after that. 

Either way you will have to play Liverpool at some point. 

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