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Premier League Clubs Including Liverpool Vote To Block Owner Linked Sponsorship Deals

At an emergency meeting of the Premier League clubs on Monday, eighteen clubs voted to temporarily block sponsorship deals linked to club's owners. Liverpool were one of the clubs who voted for the motion, Manchester City abstained and Newcastle United voted against it.

The ban will stay in place for one month whilst a working party is formed and further discussion takes place. 

The outcome of the vote is a clear indication of how the eighteen clubs feel about the recent takeover of Newcastle by the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund (PIF) and their lack of understanding of how it was approved by the Premier League.

Newcastle Owners

The clubs are concerned that Newcastle will strike deals with parties linked to the new owners giving them an unfair advantage over their rivals hence they want to see some controls put in place to prevent this.

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As reported by the Guardian Newcastle United claim that the vote is an unlawful one and it's believed that Manchester City also think that is the case hence they abstained.

It's a story that will run and run over the coming weeks but the one thing that is certain is the Newcastle deal has changed the footballing landscape and will continue to do so.

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