Premier League Releases Statement On Possible Future Breakaway Leagues

After Liverpool and the rest of the big six joined the Super League, the Premier League is set to put an end from this happening again.
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After another weekend of protests from fans of the footballing community, the Premier League has released a statement that they are putting preparations in place to ensure that any possible breakaway league in the future will be stopped from going forward.

The purpose of these new measures is to ensure the English game is protected by preventing the threat of the formation of a breakaway league similar to the plans for the European Super League. The Premier League are adamant that they will work closely alongside supporters and representatives alike.

The Premier League recognises the strength of feeling and the right of fans to know what is happening. We are committed to maintaining close dialogue with supporters and their representatives, as we work with The FA and Government to identify solutions.”

Premier League ball

Premier League officials issue statement on Super League. 

What was expected to be another clash of the titans between Manchester United and Liverpool was postponed due to United fans protesting outside Old Trafford. Some fans had also made their way into the stadium to continue their protest. 

Both teams were unable to make it into the grounds in time for pre-match preparations which delayed kick off before the match was postponed. The safety risks of players and staff of both clubs in regards to Covid-19 protocols meant it was impossible for the game to go ahead.

The Premier league has also stressed the importance of peaceful protests and that certain individuals could face penalties for their actions saying, The actions of a minority of those present at Old Trafford on Sunday have no justification and will be investigated by the Premier League and The FA as well as by the Greater Manchester Police.”

The new measures being put forward by the Premier League are as follows,

• Additional rules and regulation to ensure the principles of the Premier League and open competition are protected

• A new Owners’ Charter that all club owners will be required to sign up to, committing them to the core principles of the Premier League

• Breaches of these rules and the Charter will be subject to significant sanctions

• We are enlisting the support of Government to bring in appropriate legislation to protect football’s open pyramid, principles of sporting merit and the integrity of the football community

The Premier League have promised they will work alongside multiple different footballing organisations going forward including UEFA, the English Football League and the Football Association to defend the integrity of the game.

Manchester United supporters protesting at Old Trafford. 

Manchester United supporters protesting at Old Trafford. 

After the protests which took place at Old Trafford, it is clear that the ripple effects of the attempted formation of the European Super League are still being felt. It looks like fans of multiple clubs have no plans anytime soon to draw back their protests. 

Whether fans get a satisfactory result from this remains to be seen but the Premier League have said they will work as hard as possible to ensure fans they will not experience events in the future as they have the past two weeks.