Richarlison Strikes at Liverpool Fans Once Again

Everton forward Richarlison makes the headlines once again as he comments on Liverpool fans and says he is aware that the Red fans are 'not fond' of him.
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A familiar rival name has emerged once again taunting Liverpool fans with his comments. The Everton forward that many Red fans despise for his unfiltered comments in the media, and his aggressive character and behavior on the field. Richarlison.

The Brazilian striker was seen by many Liverpool supporters as a bright football prospect emerging, and in the beginning considering he started playing for city rivals Everton, he somewhat had the respect from Anfield fans due to his quality and friendship with Roberto Firmino and Alisson Becker.

Although, as time went by and Richarlison blended in more with the Evertonian culture, the rivalry between him and the Kop started to heat up. If you ask any Liverpool supporter now, they will all tell you how much they despise him and will remind you the many times he went out to the media and made some type of comment that triggered the Reds.

One of the most popular moments by many fans, was the time when Richarlison claimed that there were many defenders better than Virgil van Dijk, and that the Brazilian forward 'had' dribbled past him despite at the time stats claiming that no player had dribbled past the Dutchman that season.

"People talk about van Dijk a lot. He's definitely a great centre-back, but I have dribbled past him. He was rightly chosen as one of the top 3 players in the world. He had a great season, but I think there's others better than him: Thiago Silva, Marquinhos, Sergio Ramos."

Earlier this season after the Merseyside derby on the beginning of the 2020/21 campaign Richarlison was a hot topic of discussion because he injured Thiago Alcantara after a ferocious tackle during the match.

He later went out and said that he messaged Thiago on Instagram to apologize to him for the tackle, and that because he did not reply to him we then proceeded to delete the comment.

"The last game [vs Liverpool] I made that challenge on Thiago and got sent off. My goodness. Then I went on Instagram to apologise and such. He only saw it. I said ‘I’m going to delete this message too, since he doesn’t want to reply'. Then I went there and deleted it."

"...Then I went there and deleted it. He didn’t answer, no. Then there was the derby now, at their home, he didn’t look at my face, I didn’t look at him, either. The game goes on. Then I went there and deleted it. He didn’t answer, no."

And the latest taunt from the Brazilian forward even came after Liverpool's loss against Real Madrid. A match where Vinicius Jr scored two goals that knocked out the Reds from the European competition. Richarlison posted a picture with Vinicius Jr right after the game with the 'open eyes' emoji.

And in a recent interview Richarlison has once again come out with comments naming Liverpool fans, saying he knows he is not fond of them and says that he still likes engaging with them because it helps him with his English.

"I always like to have a laugh with people. I know the Liverpool fans aren't fond of me but I like to have a laugh with them so I'm always replying in a joking way. That's a part of football. I think you shouldn't take it to heart, and you should also look to have some fun and a laugh with other people."

"By interacting with people and the fans as much as possible, particularly here in England, it helps me develop my English.."

Whether that's the people who are criticising me or or the Everton fans who really like me.

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