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Robbie Fowler shares his thoughts on FSG

Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler has given his thoughts on ownership group Fenway Sports Group.

Liverpool FC and 11 other clubs sent the footballing world into a spiral this past week after announcing their intention to form a breakaway league. The league, which most clubs have now left, was dubbed the European Super League. This announcement was met with lots of anger and disappointment from players, supporters, and managerial staff. 

Liverpool FC legend Robbie Fowler gave his say on the disappointing move made by Liverpool's owners Fenway Sports Group. When asked if they should sell the club, Robbie Fowler said that now is the time to do it. 

Robbie Fowler

“If Liverpool’s owners were ever thinking of selling the club, then now would probably be the right time."

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"It’s hard to see how they can ever fully win back the trust or ­confidence of the fans, after getting it so wrong over the disastrous Super League plans.”

The former Liverpool striker was not happy with Fenway Sports Group's decision to join and help form the European Super League. 

“It’s not the first time Fenway Sports Group have got it wrong: ticketing, ­furlough, even the Project Big ­Picture which they and United were behind." 

"The reaction to that alone should have set the alarm bells ringing over any Super League breakaway.”

Robbie Fowler shares the sentiment of most Liverpool supporters and is not happy with Fenway Sports Group and believes it is the right time for them to sell the club and move on. However, recent reports say that FSG have rejected a £3billion takeover bid from someone in the Middle East.