Roy Keane Slams Jordan Henderson For Going To The EUROs

Manchester United legend Roy Keane has recently came out and criticised Gareth Southgate's decision to take Jordan Henderson to the EUROs.
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Roy Keane is the most recent pundit to come out and criticise Gareth Southgate's decision to take his vice-captain, Jordan Henderson, to the EURO 2020 tournament.

Henderson, who hasn't been playing first team football since February after getting injured in the Merseyside derby, has been chosen by Southgate despite his injury.

Recently, Aston Villa Legend Gabriel Agbonlahor criticised Henderson by calling him 'selfish' for not giving up his place to someone who is fully fit. Read more here.

Jordan Henderson England

Jordan Henderson playing for England

While being a pundit on ITV for the England v Romania game, Keane had this to say about Henderson being picked, “It is already a distraction for Jordan,”

“I was convinced he was going to play the other day, I know there was talk of him coming on for the second 45 minutes but why isn't he playing the first 45 minutes when there is more intensity.

“I don’t think Jordan should be involved, if he can’t keep fit. He hasn’t kicked a ball in three and a half months, he can't be right.

“They want him round the place, for what? Does he do card tricks, does he have a sing song, does he do quizzes in the evening? What is he there for?”

Keane also said that he believes Henderson has been rushed back from injury and the fact that he didn't start v Romania highlighted that.

“He doesn't want to be some sort of cheerleader, he will want to play. He is clearly nowhere near it,” said Keane.

“What you need after three or four months off is four or five games maybe, he is clearly not fit enough.

Jordan Henderson receives treatment

Jordan Henderson being treated by the physio

“He’s not fit, if he can’t start today for 45 minutes in a game that isn't that intense physically or mentally, how is he going to start in a few weeks at a top international game?

“They are kidding themselves.”

Another pundit on the build-up, former England player Ashley Cole, also agreed with Roy Keane, “Do I think Henderson is a game winner and a match winner? Probably not,” Cole told ITV.

“That is why it is a risk taking him. I think Roy is right, you don’t want players to be around just to be cheerleaders.”

No matter what any of these ex professionals and TV pundits think, they are not in the England dressing room.

If you were to ask every single player in that dressing room, a large majority of them would prefer to have Henderson's leadership, experience and expertise than not have him at all. 

It's also strange that ex Manchester United player Roy Keane didn't have the same energy and just happened to forget that Manchester United captain, Harry Maguire, is in the exact same situation as Henderson.