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When I Get Asked Who I Support, I Say I Don't Watch Football' -Tottenham Fans React To Embarrassing Loss Against Mura In Europa Conference League

Following Tottenham's humiliating defeat to Slovenian side NS Mura in tonight's Europa Conference League, Spurs and rival fans have expressed their thoughts on social media. 

Antonio Conte's men face a barrage of criticism after possibly suffering the most embarrassing defeat in the club's history. Tottenham now find themselves out of the qualification places in Europe's substandard competition.

Social media is one place fans vent their frustrations, which Spurs fans have took full advantage of, directly through Tottenham's official Twitter page. 

One fan so embarrassed by his team, he can't admit is support for them to others.

"When someone asks me who I support I say I don’t watch football. That’s how embarrassed I am of this club. We’ve just lost to the San Marino of European football."

Another fan states that this is 'possibly the worst performance, in the club's history.'

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As well as Spurs fans, rival fans and social media pages have their say. Rather than just directly bantering them, others have just chosen to remind Tottenham who they have just lost to and how shocking this result

Matchday365 twitter account continues the trend and basically states the fact of it being NS Mura's first ever point in European competition.

So let's have a look at the late goal that has sparked this reaction and has sent the Tottenham fanbase into hiding. 

As we go into the final matches of the European competitions, Tottenham have a challenge on their hands that they weren't expecting. Well.. then again, it is Tottenham we are talking about here.

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