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Rio Ferdinand Has His Say On The Debate Between Jamie Carragher And Roy Keane As The Former Manchester United And Liverpool Players Make Up On Twitter

Super Sunday was full of drama and it wasn't on the pitch. In the Sky Sports studio, former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher and Manchester United midfielder Roy Keane had an heated debate about Michael Carrick dropping Cristiano Ronaldo.

Manchester United caretaker manager made a huge call prior to Sunday's match against Chelsea, which sparked an argument between the two pundits in the studio after the match.

Michael Carrick

Carragher wasn't impressed with the attention of the dropping of Ronaldo was getting as he isn't the same as he was years ago.

"I don't think it should be a big story is Ronaldo doesn't start every game."

This triggered Ronaldo's former team mate Roy Keane, which kicked off the heated debate.

"Obviously you've got to play him in these games. Of course ya gotta play him in these games.

"If you're watching Man United today and Man United are poor, you're looking with Ronaldo on the pitch, you're still thinking if the ball falls to anybody, in world football. 

You do not bring Ronaldo back to Manchester United to sit down on the bench."

Carragher then responded to Keane by stating why he thinks Manchester United signed Ronaldo.

"Why did Manchester United sign Cristiano Ronaldo? They signed him because they were terrifies he went to Man City? They had no plan to sign him. 

"Where are Manchester United in the league? Are Manchester United closer to the league title, right now? No."


Both pundits then exchanged words back an forth.

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"Ronaldo was never gunnna get Man United back winning league titles," stated Keane.

"What was the point in signing him?" Responded Carragher.

Roy Keane went on to say Manchester United bought Ronaldo to win trophies such as the Champions League and FA Cup, in which Jamie Carragher replied that Manchester United signed Ronaldo to win the league right now, not in 3 or 4 years. 

Rio Ferdinand, former team mate of both Ronaldo and Keane, stated his viewpoint on the matter on his podcast FIVE. He threw shade at Carragher by saying because he hasn't won a league, he shouldn't be talking about it and that he mutes him when he does.

Carragher did not lay down and take it. He replied to the tweet with a quoted tweet himself.

Ferdinand then said he was just joking in a response to Carragher as they both seemed to make amends for all to see.

Author Verdict

If you're going to say something, you back it. Rio Ferdinand was not joking when he called Carragher out on his podcast. Then to reverse quicker than DJ Casper doing the Cha Cha Slide is just pathetic. 

Jamie Carragher was spot on by the way. Man United bought Cristiano Ronaldo in panic so Man City weren't to get him. Glazers also saw an opportunity to make money off the 'Glazers out' fanbase. 

He was also bought in the win the league, like Sancho and Varane. Just because Man United have been a bigger let down than getting a Tottenham shirt for Christmas and now find themselves in a top four race only, doesn't mean that was their expectations. 

The argument of just because Carra hasn't won the league means he can't talk about it basically disregards billions of people's opinions on football, including everyone he works with. Rio, that means I should never see you on my TV when internationals come around, because the only thing you won internationally was a holiday in South Africa while the World Cup was on.

Carragher has been talking lots of truth about Manchester United in recent months and for these United ex-players, truth hurts. If I were choosing to listen to a football opinion right now, a man who wet himself in excitement at the thought of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer signing permanently for Manchester United, would be last on the list. Ole's at the wheel. How good did it actually feel?

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