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Praise Where Praise Is Due As FSG And Liverpool Break Wage Structure For Mohamed Salah Contract

After months of back and forth in negotiations, Mohamed Salah and Liverpool have eventually come to an agreement. The Egyptian King has been given a £350k per week contract which will last until 2025, with an option for an additional year.

FSG have been rightly questioned regarding their wage structure up to a certain point. Fans have not been asking for the club to go crazy with wages and transfer fees, however, at times need to pay a certain amount if they want to keep or bring in a certain type of player. 

Mohamed Salah reportedly wanted at least £400k per week, but the Liverpool board have stood their ground, managing to knock the total down. Even though it ended up just being £50k less, the point was made and both sides ended up being happy with the ending. 

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As well as keeping one of the best players in the world, the ambition that the club have shown is a huge positive and gives hope for the future when it comes to acting when needing to act. 

In the past few years, FSG and Liverpool have held back when it comes to paying a little extra in a transfer window and instead have waited. A Luis Diaz signing just six months earlier may well have been enough to see The Reds over the line in the Premier League.

With Sadio Mane leaving due to wage differences and doubt casting over the future of Mohamed Salah, fans feared the worst. 

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Today, the doubts were evaporated in sensational style. Liverpool announced the contract extension of the Egyptian star, revealing that the club has broken their wage structure in order to keep their main man. 

Personally, I have been quite critical of FSG's decisions in the past, with plenty of reasoning why, however, today I stand and applaud as they have begun to show that they can pay the price when it comes to giving Jurgen Klopp and his players the best chance to succeed. 

Again, I reiterate, as a fanbase, we do not expect Manchester City running of the club, we just ask for ambition and the board to act on certain situations when they need acting upon. 

If The Reds were to go on and buy in a much-needed midfielder this window then further praise will be given. Today's news has certainly given the fans a boost they needed and hope for more success under this ownership.

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