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Jurgen Klopp Backs Liverpool Boos. Boris Johnson Slams Liverpool Boos. Who Is Right?

Liverpool's FA Cup win is still being overshadowed by the booing of the national anthem by the fans. As Jurgen Klopp offers his support and understanding of where the supporters are coming from, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson condemns their actions. Who is right?

As we live in what is supposed to be a diplomatic country, it is important to first read what both Jurgen Klopp and Boris Johnson said. 

First, we will start with Jurgen Klopp. The Liverpool manager states that the Liverpool supporters would not boo, unless there were valid reasoning to do so, indicating he believes they were right to act like that.

"They wouldn't do if there was no reason. I've not been here long enough to understand the reason for it, it's for sure something historical and that's probably questions you can answer much better than I could ever.

Jurgen Klopp

"The majority of our supporters are wonderful people. Really smart, go through lows and highs. They wouldn't do it without reason."

On the other side of the argument, stands the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The spineless, pathetic excuse of a man has given his thoughts on the incident, though his official spokesperson.

"No. Obviously the events over the weekend, it was a great shame that as we were marking 150 years of the FA Cup that brings people together that a small minority chose to act in that way.

Boris Johnson

"The FA Cup final should be an occasion when we come together as a country. It should not be ruined by a minority of fans' totally shameful behaviour.

"In this year of all years, the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, this is dreadful."

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Seen enough? Me too. Who do we listen to? A man that puts just as much work in his local community as he does his real job or a man that thinks giving a bus pass to an elderly woman is enough to make up for no heating in her house. 

Imagine receiving a notification that you have gone into an unarranged overdraft knowing that you still have two weeks before your payday and you haven't done your food shop. Imagine telling your child that you can't afford to take them to the cinema for their birthday. 


Imagine having to tell your children to put jumpers on so they don't shiver, as you can not afford to keep the heating on. Guess what? A large portion of this country does not have to imagine this. 

Liverpool fans are not booing a national anthem. Liverpool fans are booing a hierarchy in this country that has not just let them down at every opportunity, they have kicked them repeatedly once they're down. 

So before you sit on your high horse saying Liverpool fans are a disgrace for booing the national anthem. Like Jurgen Klopp states, there are valid reasons behind it. Instead of slating them, go find out these reasons. You may well get a real education. So, who is right? You tell me. 

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