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Liverpool & Jurgen Klopp: From Doubters To Believers

As we all look to the floor in disappointment and our hearts are filled with ache, we must remember how special this club and this team are. With a Champions League final under a week away, we can instantly wipe away the tears. 

We were so close, 9 minutes away from a potential quadruple. The sheer fact that we were so close tells you really how great we are. No team has ever been this close and it will be near impossible to do so again. 

Liverpool Champions League Win Madrid UCL

Jurgen Klopp took over this club in disarray, with fans only dreaming of the success we have experienced in recent years. Dreams of winning the Premier League. Dreams of becoming one of the most feared teams in the world again. Guess what? Those dreams have come true.

This side and this manager have already won a Champions League and Premier League prior to this season. This season, however, has been the most incredible. Cup double already in the bag, narrowly missing out on the league and Paris next week for the Champions League final. 

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Jurgen Klopp Premier League Trophy

Yes, it hurts. I am hurting, but this team have done it before. We have missed out on a Champions League and won it the season after. We have missed out on a Premier League and won it the season after. This outstanding team are called mentality monsters for a reason. 

Rivals can laugh, whatever gets them through their days. So let’s dust ourselves off, put our beautiful red shirts back on and go again. Let’s make it number seven next week and let’s stop doubting this side. We are now believers. 

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