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Disgrace, Disgusting, And Disastrous: The Treatment Of Liverpool Fans At The UEFA Champions League Final In Paris

Questions need to be asked. Answers need to be given. UEFA, the French police, and French locals targeted Liverpool fans before and after a Champions League final that was overshadowed by the disgraceful antics off the pitch.

It was supposed to be one of the most memorable trips of a child's life, flying to Paris to watch their beloved Liverpool side play in a Champions League final. Instead, they were crushed, they were tear-gassed and they were treated like criminals in what became a nightmare that could scar them for life. 

Whilst supporters stood outside the Stade de France for hours waiting to watch their heroes, UEFA excused the delayed match for the 'arrival of late fans' inside the Stade de France.

Viewers at home and the people inside the stadium were told by the governing body would've been believable if it wasn't for the power of technology in today's world for the reds to film and share what they experienced outside the ground. 

For a club and a fanbase that experienced one of the most upsetting and inhumane incidents in 1989, we know all too well how blame can be shifted by the powerful. However, on this occasion, they have no leg to stand on and we will not allow this to happen. 

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This does not settle here. These incredible Liverpool fans travelled to France for a football match. Only to meet closed gates and a bombardment of French police using tear gas and pepper sprays to inexcusably attack them, whilst vile locals stole from their pockets. 

A football match? It was more like a warzone. As the Liverpool squad are rightly celebrated today for their unbelievable season, the fanbase are still shaken and angered by the ongoings pre and post-match. 

The beautiful game is becoming a stark contrast to what it is being publicized by the organization that runs it. Things need to change. Questions need to be asked. Answers need to be answered.

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