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Liverpool’s Thiago: The Most Valuable Midfielder In The League?

Thiago Alcântara is a lot of things; the best passer in the league, the best Spaniard in the league but is he the most valuable midfielder in the league? I think he is.

Thiago is one of the most decorated players this side of the Mississippi River and his tally of silverware will only go up if he continues his form.

Just like Francisco Goya was vital to ushering in the modern romanticism movement of the early 19th century, Thiago Alcântara is crucial to the conversion of Liverpool’s midfield from the workhouse heavy three to a trio that flourishes in creativity.

Alcântara has completely transformed the Reds which is evident when looking at his last seventeen starts for Liverpool.


In this run, Thiago’s team are unbeaten with a record of 15 wins and only two draws. These two draws were consecutive 1-1 results against Leeds and Newcastle; both matches had Liverpool winning 1-0 and did not concede the equaliser until Thiago was subbed off.

This, of course, is no coincidence; in fact, it’s quite the opposite as it is logical evidence of Thiago’s impact on the team’s performances. This should be no surprise as little T is one of the best midfielders to grace the game but what may be surprising is the defensive record from the same run of games.

In the 17 matches, Liverpool conceded four goals whilst keeping twelve clean sheets. When Thiago has started in the league this season, Liverpool have conceded one goal in six. In contrast, Liverpool have conceded 11 goals in nine games when Thiago didn’t start.

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It seems Thiago used his magic touch to transform the side from having the defence of the Maginot Line of the French to having the defensive fortitude of the Long Walls of Athens.

Thiago is one of a number of Liverpool players, yet to play at a full Anfield

It’s clearly a remarkable feat for Thiago to completely transform the Liverpool side whenever he is on the pitch. I doubt that any other midfielder in the league could have such influence on their team like the recipient of the German Goal of the Month award in January 2014.

If the form of the Italian born, former Brazilian baller continues, it would be hard to see the Liverpool side not end the season with some form of addition to their trophy case. 

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