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Liverpool's Top 10 English Players (Premier League Era)

I have looked back over the last 29 years of the Premier League to create a top 10 of English players that have played for Liverpool.  This list is purely based on how the player played for Liverpool. Do you agree with the top 10? Who would make your top 10?

10 - Emile Heskey

This position was between a few players and was a difficult choice in the end. Basing it on how these players did at Liverpool, Emile Heskey takes the last place for me. 

In his 4 years at Liverpool, Heskey was a key role in the success the team had within those years, especially in the treble winning season under Gérard Houllier. Scoring 22 goals that season, Heskey contributed majorly to Liverpool lifting the UEFA Cup, FA Cup and League Cup, playing in all three finals in the process. 

His ability to link up with players such as Owen and Fowler was ideal for them to flourish. Has he won the long balls held up play and attracted defenders around him, this created better opportunities for Owen and Fowler to do what they do best. 

Although his career didn't hit the heights he would've wanted, I certainly appreciated what he did in his time at Liverpool and deservedly is in this top 10

9 - James Milner

Mr Versatile. James Milner has been one of the most important players for Liverpool in the past six years. His ability to play anywhere and his experience has been a big reason for Liverpool's recent success. 

He has become the perfect role model for the other players on and off the pitch, the ultimate professional. People raised and eyebrow when we signed Milner for free in 2015, but it has turned out to be one of the best deals in recent history. 

James Milner

When it comes to big games and Liverpool need someone to manage the game, James Milner is the man. When it comes to covering for an injury anywhere on the pitch, James Milner is the man. 

Klopp loves Milner and there's a reason why. He is so reliable and has never let him down. He has never let us (the fans) down. When he does eventually retire, which could be anytime in the next 20 years, it will be extremely hard to replace what he offers us. James Milner has certainly more than earned his place in this top 10.

8 - Steve McManaman

This lad could dribble for days. Steve McManaman became one of Liverpool's major threats in the late 90s, forcing opposite managers to apply man marking specifically to deal with his attacking prowess. 

McManaman became more of a threat when Roy Evans came into the picture. He played Macca in more of a free role, allowing him to roam more over the pitch and become more of a worry for the defenders. Although he didn't score as much as he should've, he certainly made up for it through assists, finishing top of the charts in the 95/96 season. 

Macca provided 25 assists that season in all competitions making him a real talisman. Unfortunately in the end, his talent caught the eye of the "Galacticos" Real Madrid, leaving Liverpool in 2003. 

Liverpool, until Mo Salah, never really replaced that threat he offered out wide. Steve McManaman was one of the most exciting players in the early Premier League days and was one of the fan favourites at Liverpool. Deservedly so. 

7 - Daniel Sturridge

In his prime, scoring goals became a hobby rather than a job. Daniel Sturridge was a pleasure to watch. Most games you just expected him to score. 

The season Liverpool came close to winning the Premier League (13/14), Sturridge was unplayable. Alongside Suarez, Sturridge became a part of one of the best duos the Premier League has seen. 

Daniel Sturridge

Every kind of finish, Sturridge had in his locker. From a delicate chip over the keeper to a 25 yarder into the top corner. 

Sturridge became the 1st Liverpool player in the Premier League to score in seven consecutive matches. If it weren't for injuries and lack of opportunities elsewhere, I believe Sturridge had potential to be regarded much higher within the rank of center forwards of the Premier League.

6  - Michael Owen

Like Sturridge, Michael Owen's career was ruined with injuries. Owen's potential however, was different level. 

Coming through the Liverpool academy, a young Owen did not only just burst onto the scene, he blew everyone away. Even winning the Ballon d'Dor in 2001 at the young age of 21. He achieved so many more individual accolades late 90s/early 2000s for his boyhood club too. 

Not only did Owen have frightening pace and clinical finishing, Owen played with no fear. This put him in the top few attackers in the world. No matter what defender he came up against, he knew he could and would get the better of them. 

When Liverpool fans look back on Owen's career (apart from joining a certain rival), the term 'what if' is used often. What if Owen didn't get injured? What if he didnt leave Real Madrid? What if he got to play with prime Stevie G. Begrudgingly, we will never know.

5 - Trent Alexander-Arnold

What else can be said about this lad that has not already been said. Trent Alexander-Arnold is an absolute talent. For someone to come into the Premier League at such a young age and play at the level he has is unbelievable. 

When players boss the game from midfield, its admirable. When a player can boss the game from right back, that's something else. 

Trent Alexander-Arnold Crystal Palace

Leicester away on Boxing Day in the title winning season, I have honestly never seen a defender play a game like that. He has has the crossing ability of Beckham with the vision of De Bruyne, Trent has re-transformed the right back position. 

Being so young, the lad can only get better and has the potential to be the best full back the league has seen. He will be future Liverpool captain. He will be future Liverpool legend. Will he be future Ballon d'Or winner? Why not? For Liverpool, he can become as iconic as "Corner taken quickly."

4 - Jamie Carragher

Liverpool born and bred, Jamie Carragher was another local lad to come through Liverpool's academy system. He was a proper old school defender, that would just basically 'get stuck in. 

Carra was not blessed with pace but read the game better than most other players. He made so many game saving challenges and vital blocks, he won just as many points than the goalscorers did. 

Carra was a major part in winning the Champions League in 2005. His performances in the games leading up to Istanbul and in the final itself were nothing less than heroic. He was just as good two years later as Liverpool reached the final again. Playing against some of the best attacking players to grace football, Carra held his own and put in more gladiator like performances. 

During his time at Liverpool, Carra ended up with 11 trophies including the treble in 2001 where he created a brilliant partnership with Sami Hyypia. He also won two player of the year awards with Liverpool in 1999 and in the Champions League winning season of 2005. 

Carra ended up becoming Liverpool's vice captain underneath Steven Gerrard. Both became the leading pair of Liverpool's teams through the 2000s. Carragher will go down as a Liverpool legend and he certainly worked hard to do so. 

3 - Jordan Henderson

To make top three, you have got to be a special player. Jordan Henderson is a special player. When Steven Gerrard left Liverpool and the captaincy ended up on the arm of Jordan Henderson, no one would've have thought this is the guy that would lead us to our 1st league title. 

What Henderson has done for this team despite his critics is nothing short of inspirational. His leadership has led us to the day we have been dreaming about our whole lives. His story of being doubted to being a champion is identical to the journey of the club in the last 5 years. 

Jordan Henderson Premier League

Liverpool, like Henderson were doubted and laughed at. They have earnt the respect they get now and regarded as the champions they are. This year, Liverpool have another point to prove and Hendo will be the catalyst to making us prove that point. 

Hopefully, Hendo will have more opportunities to do his trophy run up and will probably go down eventually as a Liverpool legend. Jordan Henderson deserves every bit of the praise we heap on him. Don't ever forget that.

2 - Robbie Fowler

Known as 'God' to the Liverpool fans, Robbie Fowler is more than a Liverpool legend. He made football look easy. 

Most strikers rely on pace to create good goal scoring opportunities. Not Fowler. Fowler could literally score any type of goal with any part of his body. He could finish just as good with his right foot as he did his left. He was such a skilful and smart player that he could beat defenders and keepers with such simple movements. 

Scoring 183 goals for Liverpool puts him 6th in Liverpool's all-time top scorer list and he is also 8th in the Premier League's all-time top scorers list. 

Fowler has many iconic moments, but there's nothing better than watching him swatting aside Gary Neville like a fly to delicately chip the ball over Peter Schmeichel in front of an Old Trafford crowd. 

Robbie Fowler will always be remembered and celebrated at Anfield as the 'God' that he is. 

.1 - Steven Gerrard

There's only one player that can get this. Captain Fantastic himself. Steven George Gerrard. The ultimate Liverpool legend. Legend does not do this guy justice. He is the best ever player to put on the red jersey. 

Born just down the road from Anfield, Gerrard is the living dream of every child that is born a red. Making his debut in 1998 at 18 years old, Steven Gerrard graced the Anfield pitch and never looked back. 


He was destined for greatness. A midfielder that could do everything. When I say everything, I mean everything. Pass, tackle, shoot, cross, header and lead. 

From kids shouting "Gerrarrrrdd" in the playground when hitting a ball on the half volley to having a FA Cup Final named after him. Gerrard was the idol the whole city and fanbase proudly rooted behind and would continue to back in every conversation. With valid reason. 

(Sipa USA)

(Sipa USA)

Put any other top midfielder into that Liverpool team, do we win the Champions League? No is the answer. No one could grab a game like Stevie G could. No one could drag a team single handedly like Stevie G could. No one could get cramp in the 89th minute, only to bag a 40 yard screamer on the half volley in the 90th minute like Stevie G could. 

Stevie G will always be the best at Liverpool. He will always be No.1.