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Opinion: Should James Milner Be Given A New Contract By Liverpool?

Over recent weeks, Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool have turned to veteran James Milner to deputise for Trent Alexander-Arnold who has missed games due to illness and injury. 

Three of our writers at LFC Transfer Room have had their say as to whether the 35 year old should be rewarded with an extended contract.


I think when looking at this situation there are a number of things that have to be taken into consideration.

The main downside I can see of a contract extension is that he is now picking up injuries on a more frequent basis.

As a 35 year old, you would expect to pick up more muscle injuries but to be fair to him, they normally came about last season when asked to play a lot of minutes in a short period of time.

James Milner Alisson

Another thing to consider is the cost it would take to replace him. How much would it cost to replace a homegrown player of his quality, able to play at full back and in midfield? It certainly wouldn't be cheap and possibly with his help, he could over time mentor someone from the academy to grow into his role.

Thought also needs to be given as to whether he would be blocking the pathway of youngsters like Harvey Elliott, Curtis Jones, Neco Williams and Conor Bradley. 

There needs to be a balance between using experience when it's warranted but providing opportunities for youngsters to build up their wisdom.

Milner remains supremely fit and is still winning the lactose tests in pre-season. He is an unbelievable professional who is still a very good player and can only help out the youngsters in the squad with how he leads by example. 

Longer term there is also the potential that he may take up a coaching role to extend his Reds journey.

These are just a few of the positives and negatives of the decision to be made as to whether to keep the retired England international at the club.

Providing the balance can be struck by using Milner when required and not blocking the pathway of the promising youngsters, I think the pros of keeping him far outweigh the cons.

Neil's Verdict: YES


I personally love James Milner. He's a leader, a utility man and someone who sets the tempo in a soft game.

He's the ultimate professional and he clearly holds a lot of influence over Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool.

Milner's main reason for being in this squad is due to his versatility. He will play anywhere when Jurgen Klopp tells him too.

Jurgen Klopp James Milner

From the season he bossed the left-back role to covering on the wings or right-back, he can do it all.

He'd probably put up a decent performance in goal too!

However, there are some negatives that come along with this versatility.

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As much as I love Milner, he's getting on a bit. He's 35-years-old and that's starting to show this season.

Milner still puts in ok performances but two/three years ago he was putting in great performances.

As much as Milner won't want to admit it either, he's probably come to the end of his career.

Liverpool as a club are also looking to progress and if we want to do that then we need to stop relying on a 35-year-old James Milner to cover our most important positions on the field.

Milner is also rarely utilised in his actual role anymore as that is our strongest position on the field.

So, even though Milner is a Liverpool legend and he'll be remembered for years at the club, I think it's time to part ways.

However, if Milner is looking to go into coaching, then I think Jurgen Klopp would do well to have someone of his experience on his staff!

Charlie's Choice: NO


James Milner has been a great servant for Liverpool. I can't say a bad word about him. 

His influence off the pitch I believe has made a huge impact in terms of mentality. He's a winner. He has the right attitude and is able to transfer that throughout the club.

Nearly every time Klopp has had to rely on his services he has rarely put a foot wrong. Whether it's covering midfield or defence. 

Although I believe Milner has been everything and more than what we expected. I believe it's time to say our goodbyes. 

It is time to start thinking about the future now. We need to freshen this team up. Unfortunately that means players such as Milner will need to move on. 

Milner is as fit as a fiddle, but as we saw against Man City, I think his time at such a huge club and to be able to play at the level we need. He no longer has. 

James Milner Phil Foden

Letting Milner go will also free up some money on the wage bill which could be used on either a new signing or towards new contracts for other players such as Salah.

Thank you Milner for the memories. My next drink of Ribena will be cheered to you. I hope you get to sign back for Leeds and end your amazing career where it all started. 

Damon's Choice: NO

LFCTR Verdict

It would appear that after a brilliant spell at Liverpool the LFCTR majority view is there should be no contract renewal.

Will Jurgen Klopp and FSG agree?

What are your thoughts? Let us know at our social media channels.

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