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Liverpool Or Manchester City: Who Do You Want To Win The Premier League Title? Rivals Fans Have Their Say

Liverpool and Manchester City will fight it out for one of the most exciting Premier League title races in a long time tomorrow. The Reds face Wolves at Anfield needing to win and hoping Manchester City drop points at home against Steven Gerrard's Aston Villa. 

A fan of each rival Premier League side has been asked who they would prefer to win the race. Who are the neutrals supporting Sunday?

Arsenal - Man City

"They are the bland and inoffensive option." Just an Arsenal fan being an Arsenal fan. No real reasoning, leaving the door open for a potential flip-flopping of the mind, changing to Liverpool Sunday morning.

Aston Villa - Liverpool

"I'd like to see them make history." An Aston Villa fan knows about and appreciates history. If Aston Villa were to help us on Sunday win the title, I will forever be thankful.

Steven Gerrard Alisson Becker

Brentford - Liverpool

"Love the fans. Love the city." Lovely words from the Brentford fan. So happy that their entertaining football is to stay in this league. 

Brighton - Either

"I am genuinely neutral, as long as it's not Manchester United." That sums up Brighton, to be honest. Fence sitting. Neither amazing nor bad. Just in the middle. However, the United shade, I applaud. 

Burnley - Liverpool

"I hope Liverpool can clinch it. Come on Liverpool." I hope Burnley can clinch it too. Championship status that is.

Jurgen Klopp FA Cup

Chelsea - Man City

"I hope 100 percent Man City win the title." This Chelsea fan is already preparing himself for being a City fan before his club are liquidated.

Crystal Palace - Liverpool

"Liverpool, they are a cut above." I appreciate Crystal Palace as they always seem to get points from Manchester City. Show the rest of them how not to roll over.

Everton - Man City

"I want Man City to win the title." Who would've guessed that. I'll be surprised if he is awake to find out after a 5-day bender celebrating staying up.

Divock Origi Everton

Leeds United - Liverpool

"I'll go with Liverpool due to the unprecedented quadruple." Seeing the quadruple happen should be incredible for any neutral as it'll be extremely difficult for us to ever see it again. 

Leicester - Liverpool

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"Reds' frantic, full-throttle approach or Man City's patient approach. I know which one I'd rather watch." Manchester City's approach to their matches would bore the home fans. If they had any.

Manchester United - Man City

"Man City for me. No-brainer." Enjoy your weekend lad. 

Luis Diaz Goal Manchester United

Newcastle United - Liverpool

"Liverpool for me. I've always liked the way Klopp sets his team up." Newcastle will be the third wheel in a few years, once they take over the title-challenging pretenders underneath us.

Norwich City - Man City

"I'd prefer Man City to win." I'd prefer if you stayed down in the Championship and not waste everyone's time by coming up again. 

Southampton - Man City

"City are mesmerizing. I'll go with City." Would you like some vinegar with that salt? Got any more players up for sale whilst you're here?

Sadio Mane

Tottenham - Man City

"There is only one team I want to win the Premier League and that is Man City." That's because your team will never win the league, so you may as well cheer someone else on. At least you'll make it past the Europa League group stages next year when you're knocked out of the Champions League group stage.

Watford - Liverpool

"I'd go for The Reds. I’m just glad Watford don’t have to play either team next season!" At least you have 5 different managers to look forward to watching next season. 

West Ham - Liverpool 

"If I had to pick one, it'd be Liverpool. To lose out twice in four years, despite hitting 90+ points, that would be brutal." Do you have to remind me? Just make sure you do your job and send Cristiano Ronaldo FC to the Conference League.

Diogo Jota, Leicester City

Wolves - Liverpool

"Liverpool have been sublime this season. I'll cry if Diogo Jota gets a Premier League medal." Crying with happy tears I hope. You may experience one of the best life experiences if you are at the game and Liverpool win the title.

Who is supported the most? Liverpool

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