Yes, I am crazy. But Liverpool can afford Kylian Mbappé? This is how…

I know I am knocking on a closed door. But as a Liverpool fan, if there is one thing that I have learnt, it is to "NEVER GIVE UP." Yes, I know how unreasonable this sounds, and I also see a lot of fans will turn a blind eye to this opinion of mine, but who knew we'd be able to beat a star-studded AC Milan from 3-0 down or turn around a 3-0 deficit against Barcelona?
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So yeah, I do believe and will always think that Liverpool can sign Mbappe until he signs an extension or signs for another club. The situation staring at Mbappé and Liverpool is one that has Klopp and Edwards written all over it.

Liverpool was expected to have a busy summer transfer window. Multiple players are expected to leave Liverpool, while anticipated fans one or two marquee signings by now. 

One of those names that have been doing the rounds on Twitter and various other websites is Kylian Mbappé.

Kylian Mbappe

Whether he is actually on the club's radar or not, we will only know if we see him signed up and in a Liverpool jersey or if he signs elsewhere. Now, yes, Michael Edwards and the team will do their homework. However, here is why I think Mbappé will join Liverpool.

Do not forget, Mbappé is available for free in January and he can sign a pre-contract with any team of his choice. Hence, these are the ten reasons that I think Mbappé will join Liverpool.

(Sipa USA)

(Sipa USA)

  1. They can afford his wages with multiple players expected to depart the club. If there is a chance for us to sign him, we could see one of the big names depart to free up wages, given that they all have just 2 years left on their contract.
  2. Liverpool and Mbappé are both sponsored by Nike. This gives Nike an enormous global appeal and a chance to push its marketing efforts to great heights.
  3. Mike Edwards is known to structure deals that can see Liverpool sign almost anyone. We've seen that in the past, and there is no reason he can't swing his magic wand once again.
  4. Given that the Liverpool owners, FSG, look at investments, signing Mbappé, who can be sold in the future once his contract nears completion, is something that FSG might be interested in. This helps them recover their investment in him and, in fact, make a profit.
  5. Jurgen Klopp and Mbappé are both admires of each other. They have publicly mentioned in interviews that they are fans of each others style of play which only strengthens our chances of getting him.
  6. LeBron James and Mbappé are great friends, and both of them are sponsored by Nike. This gives us an excellent chance to leverage their relationship and push a deal through.
  7. Real Madrid isn't as attractive anymore. Most of their top players are past their prime, but they are far away from the levels that they reached two to three seasons ago. In addition to that, Zidane has resigned, meaning the French Connection takes a hit.
  8. Liverpool #7 jersey — James Milner, vice-captain, should lead from the front and hand over his prestigious #7 to Mbappé if he does sign for Liverpool.
  9. Liverpool has multiple French-speaking players that make it easier and better for him to settle if he does decide to join Liverpool. Joel Matip, Naby Keita, Fabinho and Sadio Mane all speak French!
  10. The fact that Real Madrid is still in the European Super League might work in favour of Liverpool. There is a slight chance that Mbappé might not want to play in the ESL and not compete for the La Liga and the UEFA Champions League.
Mbappe Liverpool target

So if you ask me, yes, Liverpool can afford to sign Mbappé. The puzzle pieces are there to see. A few pieces need to come together for Liverpool to make the signing of the century. A signing which should see them stay on their (you know what) perch for a few more years.