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Why Did Liverpool Fans Boo The National Anthem? Dig Deep And You Find The Answer

Following Liverpool's incredible win in the FA Cup final, headlines have been taken up by an incident involving the traveling red fans. Just a tip, instead of dragging the supporters through the mud, finding out why they would boo the national anthem is the better path to go down on. You may learn a thing or two. 

It is 2022 and there are still clear divides between the top and the bottom classes and I am not just talking financially. Do the most powerful people do enough to have equality embedded into the sheer foundations of this country? No. 


Yes, the national anthem is for the Royal family, more specifically the Queen, but these are the people that oversee what can go on in this country. They can influence much more than they let on, yet like their peers, they continue to ignore the real issues this country suffers from because it does not affect them.

The aftermath of Hillsborough in 1989 showed exactly what those in a privileged position are capable of. The ignorance and sheer disgusting treatment of those fans and their families was morally the worst a human being can get. 

Not only did the Conservative government try to cover up what really happened, but they were also happy to blame the suffering at their lowest points. 33 years later and has anything changed? Quick answer, no. Inequality is as high as it has ever been. 

Children go without food. Humans go without homes. The elderly go without heating. In a country that has some of the richest people in the world, these three inhumane statements are true. 

It's just scousers, they just think they are victims. Can I let you in on something? It is not just the scousers. There are people up and down the country continuing to struggle with not just one problem but many, with no help whatsoever. 

FA Cup Final

You get to know someone a lot better throughout the tough times in life rather than when it is all sunshine and rainbows. This sentence has been spoken as louder as ever in recent years, during the Covid pandemic. 

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Despite all the sadness and struggles everyone was put through, we saw some of the beautiful moments that the human race has to offer. Unfortunately, this can't be said for everyone. 

As the working class continued to work through, keeping the country going. The government stood outside their houses clapping the NHS, whilst going against their own rules and being smug about it. 

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson can stand there in front of his colleagues and lie as much as he wants. He is going home to food on the table. He is going home with a roof over his head. He is going home to a warm and cozy living space. 

What are the rewards for the hard work the general public put in? Increased taxes. Increased bills. So how do you expect the Liverpool fans and the rest of us to act? Stand there and sing for the powerful people in this country who constantly ignore us and don't even act like we exist? The fact that people are questioning why they booed it, shows how ignorant they really are.

So as the mainstream journalists question why Liverpool fans booed the national anthem. If you dig deep, you will find the answer.

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