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Why Liverpool Renewing James Milner's Contract is a Priority

Should James Milner have his contract extended? Here's why he 100% should!

James Milner - three-time Premier League winner, Champions League winner and also FA Cup winner. A true professional on and off the pitch, who has achieved everything there is to achieve within the English game.

It raised a few eyebrows when he joined on a free transfer back in 2015. Nevertheless, he has netted 26 times in 258 appearances for the Reds since while reaching two Champions League finals.

Milner was made vice captain by Brendan Rodgers after being at the club for just over a month. This showed the instant effect he had on the team and how much of a role model he is.

James Milner

The Liverpool vice captain's deal runs out in the summer of 2022. But here's why it HAS to be extended.

Despite turning 36-years-old in January, Milner has showed so far this season in his performances that he isn't slowing down at all. Over the past few years, he has occasionally pulled his hamstring after playing an excessive amount of games but that has to be expected from someone well into their thirties.

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Jürgen Klopp will be keen to avoid a repeat of the Gini Wijnaldum contract saga that occurred last season and will want all parties to come to an agreed outcome as soon as possible. It is actually a worrying theme within the squad with Mohamed Salah not having put pen to paper to a new deal yet.

James Milner Alisson

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If he is to sign a one or two year deal, his minutes will definitely have to be monitored and midfielders will still have to be signed. But it is avoiding leaving a huge hole in the squad in his versatility, which has been heavily relied on in the past and will continue to he relied on in the future. 

However, it's not just about what Milner brings to the Reds on the pitch. It's about what he offers to the changing room.

Assistant manager Pep Lijnders said this about him on Tuesday morning:

“My job title is assistant manager but I think you can give that job title to Millie as well. He connects the staff and the players in how he assists our manager. So, he has a role to play and he knows this, so all good. He needs to stay vocal, let me say it like this."

Milner, who's nicknamed "Millie", is a massive part of this iconic Liverpool team and it feels like he still has a big part to play. It would be a real struggle losing Milner with the Reds already lowly stacked in the middle of the park, on top of FSG's reluctance to fork out the money to sign a proper replacement.

By the time, the former England International hangs up in his boots, whenever that will be, it is a certain that he will be club legend status at Liverpool.

Time will tell, however, it looks certain at this moment in time that Milner will take up a coaching role once his career on the pitch is over. Klopp and everyone at the club will be hoping that that role will be with them.

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