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Jurgen Klopp SLAMS the Door Closed on a Possible Coutinho Return

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has reportedly shut the door on a possible return for Philippe Coutinho in the future.

Philippe Coutinho and Liverpool, a saga riddled in love, betrayal and a lot of mixed emotions.

If you asked most Liverpool fans if they'd accept Coutinho returning to Anfield in the future they'd probably have a hard time saying no.

Philippe Coutinho

The Brazilian was worshipped at Liverpool, the fans loved him and he was a talismanic figure that single handedly won the Reds games.

However, when Coutinho was rumoured to be forcing a move to his 'boyhood' club Barcelona, Liverpool fans were not happy to say the least.

Despite fans wanting the Brazilian to stay, when Liverpool got a £142million bid for him, it was hard to say no.

Philippe Coutinho

Coutinho made most fans decision for them regarding selling him too. He pulled a stunt by saying he couldn't play for Liverpool, amidst the transfer speculation, due to a sore back.

However, later that week, he flew to Brazil and played a game, with Brazil's medical staff saying there was no issue with his back.

Refusing to play for Liverpool was the final straw for most fans and after that a lot of people were happy to see the back off him.

Philippe Coutinho

Despite going onto do wonders with the money Coutinho raised, basically allowing Liverpool to sign Alisson and Virgil van Dijk, there has always been speculation that he may return to Anfield one day.

A lot of fans feel sorry for him now because since he's moved to Barcelona, Coutinho has been played out of position for 90% of his time there and he has been a major flop of a signing for the Catalonians.

Philippe Coutinho

Due to the transfer failing and Barcelona going into financial turmoil, it was reported that the Brazilian was available for a price of £20million or even a possible loan last summer.

However, according to ElNacional, Jurgen Klopp has closed the door on any possible return for Coutinho.

They have reported that Barcelona were hoping that Coutinho would have a good first half of the season and that would be enough for Liverpool to come back and sign him.

Despite this plan from Barcelona, they claim that Jurgen Klopp has already informed the Spanish club that there’s no way back for Coutinho at Anfield.

Hopefully this puts to bed the Coutinho and Liverpool saga once and for all, but we highly doubt that.