Schalke Might Terminate Ozan Kabak's Contract

Liverpool didn't activate their option to buy for Ozan Kabak and Schalke might be forced to terminate his contract now.
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Liverpool had a centre-back crisis last season after Virgil van Dijk, Joel Matip and Joe Gomez suffered long-term injuries at the start of the season.

Nat Phillips, Rhys Williams, Fabinho and Jordan Henderson were trying to fill in the gap but nothing seemed to stick.

Ozan Kabak

That's when Liverpool decided to loan Ozan Kabak from Schalke for six months. 

He helped the Reds stabilise their defensive issue and struck up a decent partnership with the big man Nat Phillips.

Despite his impressive performances, Liverpool decided not to activate his £18million release clause and he returned back to Schalke.

Nat Phillips, Jurgen Klopp and Ozan Kabak

Kabak has been linked with a host of Premier League clubs but no one has decided to take him off the German clubs hands.

In a recent interview with Blood Red Club, Constantin Eckner, who is a journalist for The Times, BBC, DLF and Sport 1 has released some more information about the situation.

"Kabak is rated highly but Schalke need him to go because they can't pay him - that is the situation.

"Kabak was set to return to training with Schalke after his holidays after the Euros but they told him to have more days off to find a new club.

"He has the right to train if he wants to, but there is no point! It is a really weird situation.

"The first thought a couple of months ago was that he would stay with Liverpool - they were not the worst six months in his career and he did a decent job, playing alongside Nat Phillips and all the rest of the stuff going on with the defence.

"But after they signed Konate, there was probably no way they would sign Kabak as well at this point with three first-choice defenders returning.

Ozan Kabak Newcastle

"The next thought was that he could go to Leicester because Brendan Rodgers plays a back-three and they have four first-rate defenders and adding one more was reasonable. But negotiations went nowhere.

"Then Schalke were in talks with Crystal Palace, who have then signed Joachim Andersen from Lyon for €27m - so he's probably not going to Palace any more.

"Clubs are interested but then they find someone else who is more compelling and Kabak is still outside on the street in the rain."

(Sipa USA)

(Sipa USA)

A very very strange situation. Kabak proved that he is Premier League and Champions League quality playing for Liverpool last season.

It seems like Schalke will take anything for the 21-year-old at the moment. He would be a great signing for some mid table Premier League clubs too.

Hopefully he manages to find a new club and become the centre-back we know he can become.