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Why Paul Pogba would be perfect for Liverpool FC

When asked who Liverpool FC should sign from Manchester United, the answer should be no other than Paul Pogba.

Paul Labile Pogba was touted as the future of football when he was signed for a British record fee by Manchester United. That was five years ago now and the French international has had a disappointing time of Premier League life to some however, there is too much talent to chalk the original transfer up as a failure. 

I strongly believe Pogba could walk into any midfield in the world and I, for one, would love to see the Frenchman walk into Liverpool’s middle of the park. When looking at what we are missing in midfield, it becomes clear that goals and assists don’t come easy for the Reds. 

Paul Pogba in Manchester United's match against Leicester City in the Premier League. 

Paul Pogba in Manchester United's match against Leicester City in the Premier League. 

In the World Cup winner's most prolific season, he scored 13 goals and racked up nine assists in 2018/19. No Liverpool midfielder has achieved statistics anywhere near this since Steven Gerrard in the 2013/14 season. On this basis alone, Pogba seems like an obvious choice, but let’s look at how Paul with the good hair would fit into the team. 

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Liverpool have been tinkering with formations over the course of the season, for injury related reasons, but the two more favoured ones seem to be the classic 4-3-3 and the attacking minded 4-2-3-1.

For the former, Pogba could slip right into a midfield three as he did on the regular as he impressed for former side, Juventus. A trio of Pogba, Thiago and Fabinho in the middle of the park could be the best midfield in the world due to the perfect balance of defence, creativity and attack. 

Pogba can also fit into the 4-2-3-1 formation as either the attacking midfielder or as one of the two pivots sitting behind. This sort of versatility has been unheard of for Liverpool since the likes of Philippe Coutinho. With the majority of our current midfield being known for their workhorse abilities (Jordan Henderson, James Milner, etc.), adding another technical talent into the midfield ranks should be welcomed with open arms.