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Manchester City wonderkid Phil Foden has been blessed enough to play with some of the best players in Premier League history already during his short time in the Premier League, but who's the best?

Foden answered that question today during an interview with Caught Offside, and the answer isn't surprising at all. It's one of two players you would guess, and here's a hint, it isn't a left footed maestro from Spain.

David Silva is not the best player he's ever played with, that title belongs to a certain Belgian.

Phil Foden

Phil Foden has named the best player he's played with.

Phil Foden has named the mercurial Kevin De Bruyne as the best player he's played with in his career. Speaking to Caught Offside, the midfielder had this to say on De Bruyne.

Phil Foden: “When I was watching football and growing up, I loved David Silva but seeing Kevin De Bruyne every day in training, the things he does! Unbelievable player; probably the best player I’ve ever, ever played with."

Erling Haaland Phild Foden Kevin De Bruyne

Could Erling Haaland change Foden's mind in years to come?

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High praise for De Bruyne, but certainly deserved. Maybe if Foden had of been in training with a prime David Silva he'd have a different opinion, but it's hard to argue with anyone who suggests Kevin De Bruyne is one of the greats.

If Phil Foden continues on in the same vein, he may become one of the greats too. With four Premier League's under his belt so far at such a young age, he could end up as the most decorated Premier League player ever.

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