Manchester City 1-0 Tottenham - Player Ratings

After an intense and narrow victory over Tottenham kept the Premier League title in City's hands, here's how the players shaped up...
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I’m sure most of us would have wanted a much more comfortable result today, but all of the tension and hostility was the perfect conclusion to a truly magnificent series of games between the two clubs. The relief and satisfaction felt at full-time will bolster City as they head in to another crucial game on Wednesday.

Here’s how we ranked the players:

Ederson - 8

Permanently off his line, Ederson was absolutely essential to City’s success this afternoon. Smothering multiple Spurs chances meant that we often escaped being punished for our backlines constant lack of awareness. Add on his typically adventurous and accurate distribution and you have all of the ingredients for an Ederson masterclass.


Kyle Walker - 3

It is hard to put into words how frustrating it is to watch Kyle Walker play. I cannot comprehend how he could possibly think trying for a sly handball in the box with so much on the line is a good idea. You could argue he was right as he got away with it but he could have potentially thrown the game away. It seems as if he does something stupid (with varying severities) almost every game and it’s beginning to get tiresome.

John Stones - 4

I felt bad for Stones at times today, it was clear from the start that he was nervous and perhaps a little unsettled due to a lack of opportunities in the team as of late. Everything from his communication with those around him and his positional awareness seemed to desert him. Son even decided to specifically target him in the second half and he was powerless to do anything about it.

Aymeric Laporte - 4.5

Many City fans felt Laporte should be excused for his performance during the week due to his excellent form throughout the season. Sadly, that excuse only works once and there can be no shying away from how poor he was again this afternoon. He does get a slightly higher rating than his partner in crime in Stones because the chase down interception to stop Son was absolutely majetic (even if he made the error to begin with).

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Oleksander Zinchenko - 5

After a rocky start to the game, Zinchenko managed to adjust his positioning and slowly stifled Spurs counters down his side. The opening period was extremely poor though and the whole defence can be grateful that somehow a clean sheet was maintained.

Ilkay Gündogan - 7

Calm and reliable as always. My favourite thing about Gündogan is that he always makes the progressive pass and during our extended period of dominance in the first half he was the supply route to the forwards. After the De Bruyne injury he moved higher up the pitch and his influence began to dwindle, he more than made up for that with his defensive effort to try and thwart the growing Spurs influence.

Kevin De Bruyne - 7

Luck seems to have deserted Kevin this season as yet another injury has been picked up. It was doubly cruel as up until that point he had been enjoying an excellent game and was causing Ben Davies all kinds of trouble through his play with Bernardo Silva. Here’s to hoping it’s only a minor injury, but if it is anything to do with his knee his season may be over.

Phil Foden - 9 (Man of the Match)

What a moment; what a goal. It was made all the sweeter once the final whistle was blown and confirmed that Phil Foden’s first PL goal was a match winner in a game of this magnitude. Outside of the goal, his play was excellent as always. Ferocious pressing and never shying away from individual duels made it look like he was a seasoned veteran. Pep trusting him to play with so much on the line speaks volumes about his reputation within the squad, I suspect we will be seeing more of him as the season concludes.


Bernardo Silva - 9

The Liverpool game at the Etihad in January was a phenomenal performance and today Bernardo reached that level again. Everything seemed to flow through him and his mazy runs up the pitch allowed us to relieve pressure and prevent Spurs from exerting any real dominance. On the defensive end he was a complete menace; sprinting for what felt like the entire 95 minutes he harassed everyone in sight and won the ball back countless times. Thank god we have him tied down to a long term deal.

Sergio Agüero - 7

Picked up an assist with a clever header to put it on a plate with Foden. Apart from this, he struggled to assert himself against the Spurs centre backs but worked off the ball with the tenacity we have come to expect from him in big games.

Raheem Sterling - 6.5

It wasn’t really Raheem’s day as a lot of what he tried to do didn’t quite pan out. Despite that, he still proved to be a constant threat throughout the game and probably should have scored to kill the game. He took part in some excellent, strategic scuffling to run the clock down in added time which I enjoyed immensely.


Fernandinho - 6.5

Pep’s intention will have been for Fernandinho to have stemmed the flow of Spurs counter attacks but sadly it didn’t come to fruition due to their extremely direct game plan. What he did do was prevent them from pinning us into our own half and had his passing been a little sharper we could have had a much stronger second half.

Leroy Sané - 6.5

Sane’s trickery and pace didn’t have many opportunities to shine but when he was given the ball he was generally effective. His pace and excellent delivery nearly served up a second goal and he seemed to have the beating of Foyth whenever he got the chance to isolate him.

David Silva - N/A

Came on to protect the ball and freshen up the midfield, but the game was largely Tottenham long balls and half hearted counter attacks from City at that point.

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