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"Even The Lights Were Off!" - Sergio Aguero Reveals Key Difference Between Man City and Barcelona Training Preparation

Sergio Aguero has revealed an enlightening difference between the training practices of Manchester City and his new club Barcelona, during a recent live stream on Twitch.

Aguero departed City in June of this year, following ten years in the North West of England, and following his departure, the Argentine icon opted to join La Liga side Barcelona.

Throughout his time with the Sky Blues, Sergio Aguero won a plethora of trophies including five Premier League titles and recorded a staggering total of 260 goals in 390 appearances as he comfortably established himself as the club’s record goal scorer.

In conjunction with his football career, the Argentina international launched a popular Twitch channel in April 2020, on which he often provides interesting information concerning his career, and his latest revelation discloses a key difference in the training practices between two of Europe’s biggest clubs. 

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Speaking on his popular Twitch Channel ‘SLAKUN10’, the Argentine international revealed, "At City, we used to arrive at least an hour and a half before training. Here, like half an hour before."

"I figured I'm going to be there an hour before, to see if I can do something in the gym or whatever. But no, even the lights were off."

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Sergio Aguero commenting that Manchester City players typically arrive for training an hour earlier than Barcelona players demonstrates that the work ethic at the Sky Blues is much higher than at the Catalan club.

Following on from this, it is deducible that the high work rate expected of Manchester City’s playing staff is chiefly owing to the winning mentality instilled at the club by Pep Guardiola since his arrival in 2016.

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Pep Guardiola notedly expects nothing less than total commitment from his players and as football is a game of fine margins, effective preparation is often crucial in achieving success.

The Argentine legend’s revelation regarding Barcelona’s training practices in contrast to Manchester City’s indicates that the Sky Blues’ players work significantly harder than their Catalan counterparts.

This, in turn, demonstrates the beneficial impact that Pep Guardiola has had on the club, and as a consequence of his methods, Manchester City have achieved great success under his guidance. 

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