Exclusive: How Man City's 2021/2022 Kits Are Expected To Look

Based on the latest information and leaked photographs of the various 2021/2022 Manchester City kits, City Xtra are able to bring you accurate representations of the home, away, and third shirts set to be revealed by Puma in the coming months.
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It is expected that the German sportswear manufacturers will opt for more bold and unique designs across the three kits - continuing their trend since taking over from Nike ahead of the 2019/2020 season.

For next season, Manchester City fans can expect a take on the memorable 2011/2012 home kit, an away kit that utilises multiple colours and gradients, and a third kit that will exclude the club badge for the first time since the mid-1970s.

City Xtra can now exclusively bring you an accurate representation of what fans can expect from the three shirts, based on the more reliable information from sources within the football kit industry.

Starting with the 2021/2022 home shirt, Manchester City fans can expect a special tribute to Sergio Aguero's memorable 93rd minute goal against Queens Park Rangers in 2012.

Within the shirt itself, it is expected that the digits 93:20 will be printed - which is the exact goal time that the Argentine forward scored his goal to win the Premier League.

In addition, the kit will feature a pattern inspired by the font and digits seen on various scoreboards and timers, once again as a tribute to Sergio Aguero's goal - with the upcoming campaign marking the ten-year anniversary of the moment.

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The away kit for the new season, which appears to be the more popular of the three kits among Manchester City supporters, will feature a unique usage of three different colours, a gradient transition on all badges and logos, as well as a solid white base colour.

As reported by sources in Turkey, the player-worn edition will feature ventilation areas around the chest to aid with breathability in-game. A closer look at the perforations can be seen in the second concept produced by City Xtra

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Moving on to the final kit, and the third shirt for next season is set to exclude the club badge for the first time since the mid-1970s, and instead feature the words 'Man City' across the front.

It appears as though the usage of text instead of club badges is a new trend used across a range of clubs in partnership with Puma, with the likes of AC Milan and Borussia Dortmund also using a similar design.

However, the badge is not completely missed out, and fans will notice a faint usage of the club crest across the entirety of the shirt - as illustrated in the second concept below.

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While there are no release dates for any of the three kits as of yet, fans can expect the home shirt to be released first within the next four weeks, as the club begins to roll out teaser content to accompany the release.

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